[Image] Brand spanking new, never worn! Only 100 produced, released earlier this year. HALL OF FAME fitted cap size 7 3/8...great fit, the fabric is very durable. Better then new era caps in my opinion. $45 SHIPPED - I ship via UPS ground w/ tracking information.

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A good friend of mine (that owns a store off Melrose) is stating that HUF LA will be located on the Fairfax "Block" and should be open by summer. Am I surprised? No, not at all.

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I very rarely start threads, but I need your guys help on this one.. Has anyone seen the shirt with the full life size BABY (print of a child) on the front of the shirt? It looks like one of the photo-silk screen jobs, high quality not cheep. From far (not too far) it looks like the person wearing the shirt has a fucking baby strapped-up to the chest. Saw some dude wearing the shirt at SportieLA about 3 months ago. I know it sounds weird, but this is something you have to see in person. Help me out fellas. Thanks!

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anyone see the new fitted by the one and only TH!? i saw Ben rocking it today on rosewood. shit looked way tighter then the adam bomb new era. It was grey with other bright colors. it said "TH" on the front left side, and something in large letters on the back. the cap is most-def very original, and stands out A LOT! I was lucky to copp the adam bomb fitted, but in my opinion the one i saw today is way better.

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Does anyone have any idea when these might be released? Any info would be much appreciated. i can't fucking wait |0. "[Image]"

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