if i am misunderstanding it slogan, can you explain? i am curious.

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i'm not sure what you mean by "raise the curve." but you mention that your intent is to: [I]provoke peoples thoughts, educate & inspire to raise the curve in whatever you do in life[/I]. so i assume you mean a "curve" as it relates to education. a "curve" in education is typically a (1) learning curve or (2) an exam curve. (1) if you're "raising" a learning curve, you're making it more difficult to learn. (this is the modern understanding of the "steep learning curve" expression, which would only get steeper if you were to raise it.) (2) with an exam curve, you are converting raw score results to traditional exam results, using the class performance as the basis for the conversion. if you are "raising the curve," you are making it easier for poor-scoring students to do well... in terms of their performance relative to their group of peers, not in terms of performance relative to the actual exam. it could be argued that they are rewarded for inactivity, they are being compensated for some sort of inherent unfairness in the exam (or in society/surrounding environment). regardless, it doesn't promote education. (this makes your "better than your average" design particularly ironic.) i entirely question the slogan's logic. based on your description of your slogan's meaning, i figure that you must mean "raising the bar." and CURUPTLY should be CORRUPTLY.

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nah, i know that. dude wanted me to explain, so i did. i'm having chipotle for lunch and shit.

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our culture is driven by hyper consumption. and many of the things that we consume are things that we don't need and that we can't afford and that aren't good for us, yet we feel the urge to buy them anyway because it makes us feel better about ourselves, if only for a moment. we'll handle the problems later. we're americans - shit always works out in the end. 'as long as i have it, i don't care.' it's that same idea that led to our government's extreme overspending, to the subprime mortgage crisis, and to american people having near zero net savings rate (or is it actually negative?) we continue to aid in the development of infrastructure in other countries while we allow our own educational system to slip on the very fundamentals that let us to give that aid in the first place. but as long as X company gives us Y product at a nice price, regardless of the consequences, shit is all good. by and large, we live off of empty calories. a credit card debt that we'll pay off next month, a big mac that we'll burn off on the treadmill tomorrow, and a ruined and corrupt financial system that we'll just throw more money at so we can prolong the inevitable just a little bit longer.

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his reply is actually a nice little summing up of the American mentality. that it is posted on a website that exists solely for the purpose of promoting a lifestyle defined by the consumption of unnecessary and overly expensive goods is just the icing on the cake. (or rather the secret sauce on the big mac, in this particular case.)

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"Fuck it as long as I have McDonalds I don't care" ^^^realest reply ever.

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making strides to vanquish one's inner hypebeast = that new hype tongueface

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yup, army navy surplus or thrift is the way to go for a peacoat.

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scotch/rocks. preferably jwblack.

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[Quote] ^^ truth. You basically support an affirmation of your own beliefs that intentionally restricts the freedom of other people simply because they live their life in a way you see unfit. Regarding gay marriage being discussed or taught in schools - you still have the option to have your child opt out of it AND to ensure that the beliefs you instill in them outside of the classroom are strong. Don't act like kids believe that everything they learn in school is right. That's the very reason that I never said "in God we trust" at the end of the pledge of allegiance that we recited every day in elementary school - we were taught that it was the thing to do, but I didn't do that shit because I didn't believe in it. That being said - homosexuals CAN'T get married. They don't even have the option.

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harlem world. not melrose place.

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i think the idea of the turntable being a musical instrument isn't novel anymore. it's just not a revolutionary concept like it was in the 90's. to a college professor who has no idea about it at all, i'm sure it would be interesting...but personally i don't think that it's thesis level material at all because it has already been studied so closely and it's time has already passed. (i've also been djing for 12 years, so i'm kinda biased.) the turntablism scene and djing in general has changed dramatically since serato was introduced. it arrived at the same time as the ipod, and as i'm sure you know, the way that people (and djs) listened to music changed, and the value that they placed on music and creativity and artistry changed. because a lot of the hype behind the turntablist scene died off, there isn't much attention paid to the creative energy involved anymore. now anyone can buy a mixer with a built in ipod dock and make mixes, and people can hear any song they want at any time they want...so the idea of a dj being someone who brings that new or obscure shit to the forefront just vanished. the playing field was leveled largely because of technology, and the game completely changed. you can see that same trend on a number of levels throughout our culture, from turbulence in the media industry - everyone and their mom has a blog, CNN does "ireporting," etc, look at the steep decline on print ad sales - to changes in fashion - half of the people on this site want to start the next stussy, and photoshop is giving them advantages that were impossible a decade ago. you can probably rattle off 15 t-shirt "brands" that silkscreen adobe cs graphics on american apparel blanks without even having to think about it. i think that the idea within djing itself is totally interesting, and if you are able to put enough work in it to get a solid grasp of what the culture was and what it is, and you can relate the changes it has gone through to changes that we are experiencing culturally on a greater level...that's a thesis. if you want to expand the idea out further, i think that an examination of a perceived or real change in value of creative product because of technology...would be real interesting. turntable as a musical instrument though? you can do that for sure. you'd probably think it would be exciting too, since it sounds like you are newly exposed to the scene. you'll need to do interviews with folks though, cuz it's not like a lot of documentation has been done in academic journals (that I know of.) DJ Rob Swift, DJ Qbert, and Christie Z Pabon are 3 extremely important people to speak to. if that's what you're set on writing about, they will be able to guide you and give you good insight.

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the scene has really changed over the past several years, primarily after the advent of serato. the heyday of the turntablism scene, especially the competitive aspect, was like 96-2003. you should watch battle videos, from DMC and ITF. watch Doug Pray's "Scratch." watch "Battle Sounds." that will help you get an idea. you should watch qbert's DIY dvd series so you can understand the technical aspects of skratching and juggling. if you don't have an adequate understanding of the fundamental aspects of it all...including the technical aspects (what a flare is, why it matters, how it's accomplished...what strobing is, why it matters, how it's accomplished)...you won't be able to talk about turntablism intelligibly for 20 minutes. from a historical perspective, you also need to look at coastal influences, as the styles in the bay were radically different from those in new york during the time when the scene was beginning to develop. read up on the invisibl skratch piklz, beat junkies, x-ecutioners/x-men, and the bullet proof skratch hamsters. the idea of the turntable being a musical instrument has been written about and talked about to death. i think a much more interesting topic regarding turntablism is a critical look at the causation of stylistic changes in the scene. watch battles from 97 and study techniques and listen to the types of records people were using compared to a battle from 2005, for instance. it's radically different. to look into that, you'll also need to understand how musical trends have changed over time as well. if we're talking about strict turntablism, not just djing in general, it's important to also study a series of routines to get an idea of how things have progressed. watch the rocksteady dj's routine from 92 dmc finals. watch steve dee from 1990 dmc. atrak from 1997 worlds. craze from 98 usa dmc. ptrix 99 usa dmc. teeko 2003 usa dmc. look at some of kentaro's routines as well as those from rafik and netik. listen to the x-excutioner's first album "xpressions," qbert's Wave Twisters, DStyles' Phantazmagorea, the first volume of Return of the DJ. try to get ahold of qbert's Demolition Pumpkin Squeezemusik, too.

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Timbuk2 is that isssh. Mad durable. Waterproof interior. I think you can do custom colors and features/accessories on their site, too. Chrome is good as well. I've had my Timbuk2 for years. It's the perfect messenger bag, IMO. I wouldn't mess with anything else unless I needed to add some leather professionalism to the 9-5 game or something.

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