Brand New DS Nike SB Low Away Rayguns Size 9 Comes with OG box and alternate white laces Released: 2004 BIN = 265 shipped // 255 meetup [Image]

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[size=18][color=red]READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ! READ![/color][/size] My rules: I accept Meetups, MO, and Paypal + 4%. [b]Meetups[/b]: @ Stonestown, Serremonte, Balboa Bart, Daly City Bart. Depending on schedule. [b]MO[/b]: Must be sent by priority and delivery confirmation. Payment must be received no later then one week. [b]Paypal[/b]: +(4%). I am verified and have a Premier account. Please offer accordingly No Refunds Don't go under the S/O Don't like it? Re-sell it. Trade it. Need more pics? Contact me via PM I'll only give my AIM to people who are serious. Please contact me by PM if you need my SN. [b] Fastest way to contact me is by email: [email][/email] Please state your username when sending an email as well [/b] I HATE FLAKERS. DON'T WASTE MY TIME. [Image]

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