I like a lot of these brands/ideas.  Keep em comin.  I might have to contact some of yall about this shit.  It's been a while but I need to get back on my shit...

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Cheesy or not, there are alot of tees that I'm interested in that have a pic or design of a female printed on them. It can be just a chick's face to a full out naked fest of em on the tee, if the design looks good..i will probably cop (cop...meaning to, buy or purchase, to those who wanna act like they dunno what it meant aka you gay). Help me out, and possibly some others, and post some tees or brands that have female(s) on em. Drop some info on em and where to cop. Im lookin for some! thanks! and an example would be like the lemaur & dauley's 'i luv girls' tee that came out a while back or like a couple of disizit tees with a female printed on the tee. Dun matter if chick is fullly naked or what.

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I ordered from [URL] for the fitted cap on Saturday and never recieved shipping information, even though I did get paypal info about it being paid. Just wanted to know, if any of yall ever ordered from there, do they give out tracking info or no? I just wanna know, so that I can email them and see watup. By the way, if any of yall did..how's the shipping?

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Yea I feel you no doubt but Ive been feeling the design of the hundreds and been wanting a pair for a while now. guess Imma have to take the chance and order.

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There arent any stores that sell Hundreds or those "underground" brands around my way. All you see is rocawear and ecko..you know..the usual shit. I'm tryin to step my jean game up a little bit but need help because I don't want to order online and find out I got the wrong size. How would yall compare these brands, particulary The Hundreds (most interested in). How do ecko or rocawear jeans(dunno which one yall rocked) fit compared to Hundreds jeans? smaller or bigger in the waist? Do they fit like polo denim? Im tryin' to cop some Hundreds and OneTrueSaxon joints but need help! GET AT ME YALL

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Im done with these wack ass rocawear and ecko jeans. I peeped some House33 jeans size 36...Im feelin em... [URL] How do they fit? I was wondering if any of yall ever rocked miskeen jeans and if they fit the same. Im new to these "underground" brands. I dont wanna cop and go through the hassle of sending it back. Thanks for yall help.

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no online store for premium label? damn that shirt hurt my feelins lol

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damn you serious? the fresh prince is still rockin in ny? i go back home to bk every summer and summer of 06 was nothin butf resh prince hats..thought it was dead by now [Quote] this dude wrapped it upf or south florida. muhfuckas see me and know im not from here lol

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yo watup swift. I seem to always be late with the gear yall have available. Wanted to know what tees do yall have available? at least tell me some lol if its too much

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Damn, its been botherin the fuck outta me lately cause I been peepin these 10Deep hoodies and they fire but the thing is I dunno how the sizing is. I was never into rockin hoodie slike that justs ome cheap Jerzees shit from walmart. I don't know how these other hoodies fit. Can somebody hook me up with some info on the sizing...the length width..all that bullshit? Holla at me....I dont wanna cop one and get the wrong size and have to bring it back. Good looks if yall can help.

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