So....Houston signed Harden to an $80M extension. Dude is nice and all....but I can't say for sure yet whether or not the Rockets made a smart decision. Maybe I'm just hating, I'm too used to seeing dude as a major spark off the bench in OKC and nothing else. If dude becomes a franchise star, then damn, more power to him.

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[Quote] To each his own I guess. Not denying those are great albums though.

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[Quote] .....Don't think you really got what I was saying. I'm a sophomore in college right now, what I'm saying is that I didn't really get into dudes like Jay and Nas when they were in their prime and all that so I feel like I can't really call them they were the emcees of my generation, at least for me. Why I say that is because I caught up late, and I didn't really see them mature as an artist from when they debuted. I don't know, maybe I'm weird for thinking like that, but since I'm seeing this man Kendrick start out (and even before like the Kendrick Lamar EP, Overly Dedicated, Section.80,...) I can call this dude the emcee of my generation. It's a weird explanation I know.

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[Quote] God damn I hope that doesn't happen lol. But Lupe's still amazing to me though so it's all good.

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Honestly, I can't get over how good this album is. I can't really name the last album that I heard that was as good as GKMC. I'm an early 90's kid but I got into hip-hop somewhat late, so artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, all those artists from the Golden Age I didn't get into during that time, so I can't really count them. I got into their stuff way later, but I think for me Kendrick Lamar will be "that guy." Older heads have "2Pac and Biggie" or "Jay-Z and Nas." I missed out on those, but this guy Kendrick is serious, this dude is doing the most right now. I never really though the West died out in the last few years or anything like a lot of others do, but it has gotten weaker. But swear this man is putting the West on his back. No bull, I haven't been listening to any other music except GKMC since the 22nd.

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"Black Boy Fly" is amazing god damn.

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I swear I remember seeing something on R Les' twitter that 'Les Is More' is dropping 2013 like around the first quarter? Or am I just trippin? *Nevermind I'm talking about the album after which he called Les Is More 2, confusing as hell.

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[Quote] lmao what?? lose weight? my dude...

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Release date pushed back to the 22nd of October. I was not happy when I found out

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3 Stacks. Done.

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After the first favorite joint is still 'Mercy.' That track just hits hard as hell for me, and I guess because I didn't listen to the singles when they came out I'm not tired of the joint. I heard 'Clique' and 'New God Flow' for the first time on this first playthrough of the album, so I was kinda trying to hold back on listening to them when they came out as individual singles. I personally thought 'Clique' was mad mediocre, but 'New God Flow' was nice. 'To The World' is probably close behind 'Mercy' for me, R. Kelly always been that dude, still even now.

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I'm downloading a full album link as we speak...whether it's legit or not im about to find out. let you nigs know if its the real deal or not. Alright so it's a legit link, I'm pretty sure someone just took all the tracks after they were leaked one by one and put it all into one file. Just pm me if you want the link, it's mediafire, so it's an easy download.

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Here's 'The Morning' [URL] But yeah, I'm trying to wait for all the songs on one file though.......

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Lmao this guy "Hamburglar lookinass nigga" hahaha

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Yeah those definitely look like the Timberland Earthkeepers 2.0's. Been meaning to cop a pair myself, but gotta get by with the minimal money a nonworking college student has.

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