I would spend $$$ on some glasses but I dunno bout shades, I do loose them.........Just lost pair of 200 dollar cazals...pissed off, Im looking to replace them and Im goin knock off cazal route, If I can find them???????????????

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[Quote] ^check the 80s and 90s, take into account appreciation, I def was paying $$ for my kicks in 95

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This is a great debate/issue! I am old enough to have enjoyed the many fashion trends of the 90s, and I would tend to agree that the envelope is not being pushed or for that matter being "remixed" in a truly innovative way. Alot of plain old copying is being done, and when I walk through soho I see plenty of people rocking the retro 80s look thing and shake my head. I love the fashion of the 80s and 90s but to just simply copy the style is not innovative or fashion forward. I believe that you can take from different eras, but you have to do it in a way that is subtle and not merely resorting to copying. What I love about the 80s is not necessarily the clothes, but what I loved was the lines, the colors, the fits, the way in which people wore their clothes, the way people threw things together and added there own personal spin. Its pretty lame to just simply look in a book and copy an eras style! I reflect my love for the fashion of the 80s and 90s by recreating the feel and look of the clothes in regards to some of the colors, the lines,cuts,incorporating certain period (inspired) pieces etc inspiration is good but copying and simply mimicing is not fashion forward IMHO check out my blog at: [URL]

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WOW Coming from a fan of 10 deep, I got to say this effort is lackluster to say the least............that junglesport shirt........while I understand the concept.........is horrendous execution.......and the tees really say nothing.........I am really dissapointed...........im goin put hopes in rest of stuff coming out, but its not looking good....I may cop only the sitting bull new era maybe............ they need someone with fresh Ideas over there, im goin put in my application...

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These hoodies and shirts are absolutely UGLY!!!! Remind me of the Iceberg cartoon fad.......

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What is everyones opinion this epidemic of fake kicks? Its gotten so bad that even kicks that have not been released yet are being faked before they hit the shelves (ex: Dino Jrs, Pee Wee hermans). I even see kicks in colorways that dont even exist in production! What is everyone opinion on this topic? My own feelings are as follows, I use to disdain buyers and sellers of fakes! Yet part of me feels that some of the blame for this ever growing epidemic can be attributed to the sneaker companies themselves. furthermore, the new level of hype surrounding releases of certain kicks has contributed to the new heights of fugazzy kicks. A local shop owner around my way recently admitted to me that he made over 200,000 dollars last year from selling fake kicks (JOs, SB, AF1,fake eyething). I would never let fake kicks touch my feet, but I find that an increasing amount of people dont give a damn whether their kicks are fake or not! have we and the sneaker co. created a monster here, in which demand, hype, and increasing price points have created this sort of underground booming economy of fake sneakers.

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yeah vinnies does carry swagger pieces, its in bk 2 train to bergen street [URL] I think they have web site F/S 10 deep chaing gang xl in red PS3 60GB $750 Searching for: nike sb send helps size 9.5

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I dont know about everywhere, but certainly in NYC it is beyond DEAD. Every person around here is rocking all over print oversized hoodies, and every rinky dink store carries them from Dr. Jays to your local african bootleg salesman! I even went to green acres mall and some rinky dink store had 10 deep hoodies next to some other bullshit hoodies....it was a very sad day. But i dont see the trend goin away anytime soon, seems the hood is getting wind of it............and as usual is killing the look.....best bet is to stick to the brands that limit their supply BTW that dead serious hoody is a wrap, went to a party and count them, 5 dudes had same hoody on, shit was like halloween 1987 for me lolsmokeyface

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My most underrated of 06 Asian women!!!! I use to think asian women where pretty bland..............but honestly over the last couple years and especially in 06 they have taken over as the hottest chics around! they have so much style now, and just plain ol looking good. My good buddy took me to an asian party in soho, and i was in heaven. Asian chics rule this year! in 07 im only dating Asian chics lol BTW im black

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Here in NYC the 80s thing is big, I even see people rocking 8 ball jackets again in the hood I have stopped rocking so many things, jordans, af1 etc cause the fakes are just out of control. Plaid is goin be big real soon here in NYC. Fake jordans, its sacrilege I tell ya. Jamaicans rocking tight ass jeans with big size 12 reeboks and ed hardy hats, hate it hate it hate it Thing with NYC is you go to different areas and the style is different, I pretty much stand out where i live in queens! I know alot of people hate soho, but its best dressed part of NYC, despite some of the ridiculous high school kids with the bright colors and fresh prince hats. It has the most diverse representation of NYC fashion I feel.

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[Quote] My apologies if you found my wording a lil off! (no sarcasm) yeah i was making a clear point that eyeone knows, yet wants to jump on me for saying it! its not an attack on anyone at all, no need for all that. Its one thing to show respect and compliment someone on their outfit, its another thing to completely massage their balls........... you know what I mean?

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[Quote] seems this thread turning into the WDYWT thread! let the ball licking continue.........................sure your one of those who probably camps out in front of hiscomputer to see fishscales next "fit" lol Didnt no i would hurt feelings so much, i was just saying that alot of ball licking goes on in that thread, sure alot of others agree with me fo sho!

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[Quote] lol i could of easily predicted the people who would take issue with my #1 overrated! if i had put bets on who would respond i would of been rich right now! but seriously i was not directing my comments to anyone in particular, or the basic idea of thread. unfortunately thread has become a forum for ball licking and dude bigging up other dudes (most of time for some real basic shit) repeatedly in a manner umbecoming of males lol yall have to admit some people do be licking other dudes balls on there hard!! eye time a person post a outfit, same people saying, "nice fit, where did you get those panties" its hilarious! and dont make me fish (no pun intended)out any examples!smokeyface

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here is my list 1) what did you wear today thread! never seen so much dudes licking others dudes balls so much............."nice fit, where did you get those jeans" come on give me a break! can someone say paris and nicole sheeesh 2) crack hoody, im a big fan of deep but dam this one sucked! 3)all over print 4) spizzikes, so damn ugly 5)dead serious! i dont think so LRG 6)Bush, iraq study group, Bush goin do what he wants, damn lunatic cowboy 7)anything having to do with pharell, ever since he launched his clothing line, his style has tanked! smokeyfaceJim jones, dumb ass ed hardy tees. 9)myspace pimps 10)all music that came out of the south, "snap ya fingas" i think not!

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yeah i know its wrong place to post it, unfortunately buy sell forums are not up at this time.. hope i didnt ruin anyones day lol but it sucks having something so expensive that you cant wear.... latas

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