Play the two videos at the same time. Enjoy HB. [URL]

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[URL] ....

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[URL] *LYRICS* Fuck LeBron up! Go ahead and fuck LeBron up! Throw your bows up in his face (Why! Why! Why! Why!) Celtics in the house hurtin' fuckin' cry babies LeBron, suck on your Boobie (Giiiiiiiibson) Yeah I said it

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[URL] I swear, this is the funniest shit I've seen in weeks. Had me laughing for hours blushing

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[URL] HB, watch the rest of the workouts. You won't regret it. and yes she looks like she was havin sex the whole time. lol.

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Why are blacks really good in basketball? Because it's a sport that involves shooting, stealing, and running.

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After viewing all the pages of this thread, I can say that this thread has changed me. Damn. Thanks HB. I wish humans would stop killing each other. War is stupid. For every cross you see in those military graveyards is one 20-40 year old life wasted. It's just painful and sad that the people who create these situations aren't the ones fighting for their lives in the battlefield.

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Hmmmm. Me likes the odds.

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Apl De Ap from Black Eyed Peas is Filipino. But yeah I don't think he counts. HAHAHA

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[URL] smokeyface

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Of course, nothing makes your penis seem bigger more than showing the other guy that you dress better.

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just hold it then smack the head against the wall that'll kill it fo sho

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[Image] I think that sums up the whole thread IMO

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