Iron Heart 666od -Tagged Size 31 - measures at 31.4" -Probably 3-4 months of light wear -Never soaked/washed [Image] Too small for me now that I have been working out, really wish I could give these guys some more wear :/ $300 Plus S&H

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Aren't you HB'sters flippin the fuck out!? plus Nas.

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Anyone planning on attending TAO to bring in the new year? I wasn't planning on it at first but guess a bunch of friends are going so why not. Lineup So Far [B]Main Stage:[/B] Laidback Luke Wolfgang Gartner Dada Life Markus Schulz [B]Sidestage:[/B] Major Lazer Diplo Jack Beats Kill The Noise DJ Reza [B]Dubstep/Drum and Bass Stage[/B] Rusko Nero Pendulum 12th Planet Nu:Tone & Logistics Ed Rush & Optical Shimon Fury MORE TBA

Started by Together As One 2010/11, 2 Weeks ago in Music[Image] This mix is seriously like God having sex with Ariana Grande... fucking peep this shit! Not kidding... if you want to download and look at past essential mixes, as well as their track listings you can use any of the following- Great to listen to, or for parties when you don't have a DJ and don't want to constantly be changing songs or making playlists. Cheers!

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Hypebeast! what do you think the most realistic next country we go to war with will be? Real talk. There are several that come to my mind but I wanna know what you think the most likely scenario is?

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shits all over the news. dude attempting swag-steal from Manila bus hostage taker?

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so i might be doing Lucy at Coachella on Friday. never done it before.. Music i will be seeing while tripping include Proxy Fever Ray Passion Pit Deadmau5 Benny Benassi Jay Z LCD Soundsystem Am i going to freak out? am i going to love it? 2 tabs of acid i believe

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[Image] Straight. Fire.

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so, i wanna get a new car in about a year and i'm trying to decide what.. at the moment i have a 2008 Honda CRV. love it, its AWD and can haul enough shit that i don't need a truck which i am grateful for, if i ever have to drive another ford ranger i will shoot a child. I miss my highschool days and fuckin around with all my 240's and AE86's. I want a new sports car. I have been looking into the Lotus Exiges. however they are pretty up their in price and the insurance on one of those in southern california for a guy in his 20's... well is honestly rape. any other ideas? i don't want to spend any more than i would on an Exige.. which i think is the best bang for its buck and will be hard to beat.

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So who is going to either of these. I think i'm only hitting up HARD on Saturday. Can't wait for [Image] Wish i could see Arman and Felix at massive...

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Figured I would give you your own thread since it seems you are trying to catch up to Virunga on daily post counts. Now you can just post all your worthless comments to get your post count up in this thread and none of us will have to read them. Ready? GO!

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I have no idea what any websites are for female fashion and i wanna buy my girl some shit. Sunglasses, Jackets, Shoes... anything Any boutique websites?

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and the bitch loved it. can i get an amen!

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or does i have a virus? i keep trying to go to facebook and its taking me to a myspace profile. shits fucked up

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