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This brand is definately taking a change for the better with their fall line and the next few seasons look dope as hell.

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What is everybodys thoughts on this brand? Their past few seasons have been pretty dope and the next few look pretty good as well. I get tired of wearing graphic tees and they do a good job of utilizing patterns for their clothing. Anybody can throw a graphic on a tee but not everybody can create patterns the way theses guys do.

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[Image] peep the new website @ [URL] . Really dope layout and awesome to see them carrying Jeremy Scott.

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Not sure exactly where to place this thread but once again MAGIC is coming up at the end of this month August 27-30 in Vegas just seeing who all will be attending should be a good time seeing some people that I haven't seen since Feb and some new people as well.

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[URL] What do y'all think about these? Prolly the dopest fucking sneaker I have seen drop in a while. Mita did their thing on this sneaker and the details in the pics look amazing.

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what is everybody's opinion on this brand, not trying to hype them or anything but i look at digital gravel and their shit is still in stock yet it is probably 1 of the best lines out. Am I the only 1 really into them as a brand?

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so prolly the funniest movie i've ever seen, came out today on dvd who else bought it? The deleted scenes are great.

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Ok not sure whether to make this thread in here or off topic so if I posted in the wrong section just move it. Who all on here is gonna be attending MAGIC this year? I know there are a lot of designers/shop owners/streetwear heads who attend so hopefully I will be meeting some of y'all and what not but it should be a great time for sure. It should be great this year though with all star weekend from friday-sunday.

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Why on the main page is there a picture of the shoes with fruit loops ?) Come on now u gotta know ur cereal.

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ok we all order shit online and most of our packages come with stickers so what do y'all do with yours? [Image]

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Has anybody experienced any problems lately with their customer service and shipping and notifications? I spend a lot of money on their site and always have received good customer service from them. I placed an order on the pop art hoody in a small 2 weeks ago right when it dropped and on a rogue status world tour tee, usually it takes 3 days at the most to receive it has almost been 2 weeks and i finally get a response from them saying my order wasn't complete and they didn't know what to do claiming they tried contacting me through e-mail which they obviously didn't and paypal confirmed my order went through. What pisses me off is the fact that i sold my medium pop art after i ordered a small because it was too big and now i'm fucked with nothing but a sorry and a refund. I already went through problems with them a few weeks ago on the commissary world tour tee after having had to return it twice to get the right fitment when the original shirt i received fit extremely small for a medium with this newbie fuck on their customer service trying to explain fitment to me when i own over 50 stussy tee's easily and have spent over 2 grand this year on their site. Oh well shit just pisses me off

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I've asked a few members about this idea and i think it would be a good idea since it isn't a huge community on here. Everybody on here for the most part is cool with everyone so why not have a summit in LA sometime, hit up some shops grab some grub ya dig? I'm not from la but i'm down to drive down from vegas, ya there are a lot of heads from other parts of the country that prolly wouldn't be able to make it but i don't see why you couldn't make it happen in nyc as well. I hear people mentioning in wdywt threads about oh shit i saw u on the subway or in this shop or whatever but never bothered saying shit but like why not, it seems like there are a good amount from so cal so lets try to make this shit happen

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Ok peeps what is the deal on these tees. They were on the hypebeast main page a few days ago and then were taken down a few hours later. It said these were dropping today but still haven't been updated on the website. Was that info incorrect?

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What are some online retailers besides dg and boundlessny and also some retailers in Los Angeles? Need to cop the hoody that dropped on dg today. Damn I hate having class from 4 - 5:15, gonna miss so much hot shit online and the piece of shit classroom doesn't have wireless internet.

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