I've had success, a lot of my friends have as well. But, I see others, talk to others, and they can't seem to close the deal from Facebook to bedroom. What are your guys' experience with facebook pimpin?

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If we are all animals that have evolved over time, what we are taught in the classrooms of universities ect. Morality is then subjective is it not? And holds no objective truth. If this is true, which I believe so, is the world not your oyster to do whatever without a single self-conscious decision? And if so, is that not liberating?

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A question ive been asking myself for sometime. Most people probably know me as an advacate for Christianity or religous dogma. This is an inaccurate potrait of my belief system. Anywho, religion is outdated. With new advances in science we are able to understand the world and ourselves in ways that are uplifting and enlightening as well. One thing science tells us is that we are animals. Intelligent, conscious, rational beings - yes, but at the end of the day just another animal. If this is true, which it looks like it is, is morality real, in the sense that exists as not just a human truth but as a universal truth, or is it just a creation of man's mind? [b]Excluding religion and God,[/b] what are your peoples thoughts on the matter?

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I didn't know where to post this, so I'm posting it here assuming it will get moved to a more appropriate section. Anways, was listening to Mario's "Never" and got inspired to write, so heres this hope you like it... thoughts and criticism are always wanted, thanks =] [SIZE="5"][U]Love At First Sight[/U][/SIZE] [I]Our eyes meet, and I am instantly drawn to her Like the physical laws of gravity, the force of attraction has me confined With every ounce of will, I try my hardest to shift eyes in another direction Perplexed by her nature, she finds her way back into my sights Never before has a woman stimulated my every emotion Never before has a woman looked so pure It is not the way her body is flawlessly sculpted that astounds me I wouldn’t describe this in the least as lust But it’s the way her hair moves with her body as she walks as if in harmony with some angelic tune that only she can hear. A skeptic of such intimate feelings I find myself becoming a believer with every second that passes I cannot describe such intoxicating sensation, nor understand it And It is because of this fact, that allowing her presence to leave me is not an option I collect my thoughts and gain my composure, making way toward her aura Electricity flowing through my veins as I am just inches from such gorgeous divinity Not only does she acknowledge my presence but smiles with an expression reciprocating desire Without the disturbance of words, I offer her my hand And as she receives in onto hers, I am overwhelmed to discover it fit into my palm… Perfectly. [/I] - Cryptick

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The Game is cray-zay lol, i love this dude. you all have to watch this! [SIZE="5"][URL][/SIZE]

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shit is fucking fire IMO. explains why he's "still on the shelf" and idk just goot story telling type shit. fucking Stats my dude though. definitely peep... [URL]

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Shit is fucking fiyah! is it possible to go a week without hearing anything new from Weezy??? Doesnt seem so, and that makes me jolly. listen to song [URL]

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Off that upcoming Ludacris mixtape wit DJ Drama! Luda rippin the still tippin beat. This shit is Krack!!! Listen to song [URL]

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listen to song [URL]

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Listen to song [URL]

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listen to song [URL]

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shit is coo listen to song [URL]

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This shit gets more interesting as the days go on! [Image] [Quote] Read the rest [URL]

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