I wasnt able to get my size so I am selling the 10.5 so I can buy my size. Looking for $260 shipped through paypal. Will post pictures of shoes when I get home from work.

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Looking to move some Diamond heat!!! All the shirts are size XL. Hit me up with offers (including shipping). I accept paypal from confirmed accounts but you must add the 4%. THANKS blushing [Image]

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I need this shirt in an XL if anyone has it....sell it to me blushing

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Thoughts? I seriously think there was no one left for him to beat....i think the only thing that would eventually beat him would be his age.

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Discuss....Thoughts..... Me personally i think it is over done |0

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[Image] Ive been looking to buy a pair because they are my favorite shoes of all time but I have been hesistant because the shoe is so old and i dont know if they will hold up. I actually want to wear them and not just put them in a glass case. My main concern would be the air bubble popping just from the age of the shoe. Has anybody bought a pair of shoes that are older than 10 yrs that have air bubbles? How do they hold up? Does anybody have a pair of shoes that are older than 10 yrs old with air bubbles?

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Yea thats right this is a swimming thread lol Im a big fan of all sports and i just saw on sportscenter that the US is tearing it up in the pool. I usually only watch swimming on the olympics because its not on mainstream tv much obivously. Anybody follow swimming? Michael Phelps is a damn fish!!!!! lol

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Damn good game! Nash is my MVP again this yearsmokeyface Thoughts and comments??

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My friend owns a shop out here in Long Beach, Ca but he is good friends with the owner of UNDFTD, Union, and Stussy.....i think he said the owners name is eddie? not sure someone correct me if im wrong.....anyways he told me that eddie said they were planning on opening an UNDFTD Miami.....just something i heard though so take it as a rumor/news but i thought it be some info peeps in that in area might like to hearblushing

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[URL] looking to be flamed just showing how dumb these "bapeheads" on myspace are lol Feel free to jump in if you have myspace cuz these guys are cracking me up with their reasoning. I guess think they think they legit check masters and know everything about bape. Im Vic in the forum. blushing

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My shoe laces came out of my Urist shoe chain and got all messed up and i was wondering if anybody knew where i could by some laces or whatever material he uses for the chain so i could replace it? I tried checking my local Art store but all i seem to find is yarn. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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[URL]>smh smokeyface

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