[Image] L/S Chambray Geoffrey Shirt -- Size medium but fits smaller, 100% cotton, new without tags 20" pit-to-pit 16.5" shoulders 27" length 25.5" sleeve

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$30 shipped conus paypal only new, never worn size medium (fits true to size) 100% cotton no text or anything on the back [Image] more, clearer pics (not mine) [URL]

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i know this girl who, to say the least, has issues, domestic problems (mom treats her terribly, dad is deadbeat), psychological problems (manic depression aka bipolar disorder runs in the family, but she was never diagnosed/treated because her mother never took her there even though she begged her to), relationship problems, etc. and lately she's been contemplating suicide. she told me she used to cut herself when she was 12 til she was 16. shes almost 18. well i made her promise that if she ever thinks about doing it again she'll talk to me first, and then she said "If you think you're gonna be able to discourage me or anything, you won't. And i'm not just saying that to be difficult, it's the truth." what do i do if it ever comes to this point?smh

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[URL] [Image] smokeyface

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[URL] Been following this guy for years...what do you guys think?

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dayum [Image]

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so i ripped one of my acuvue contact lenses. they cost like $250, and theyre the soft long-term ones (yearly i think). i just got them last week too. are they replaceable or am i screwed? and for future reference how do you guys with contacts avoid ripping them?

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**NSFW********* on some 4chan shit: "MASSIVE PRIVACY FAIL: Quiptxt.com is a site that lets iPhone users send picture messages. The problem? EVERY picture sent through the service is available online to the WORLD." [URL]

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people keep telling me im gay cuz i dress nice, put gel in my hair, and dont have a girlfriend. i havent had a girlfriend in 1 year so should i use an escort service? I wouldnt know what to buy her so Name one object that impresses a girl the most . I'm going to give it to her on our date on Saturday but I don't have a means of transportation. How do you make a girl love you if you have nothing to offer the opposite sex? on a scale of 1-10 how painful is it to get shot

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