Why in everyday life is it accepted when people mildly poke fun at racial stereotypes like "asians are good at math" or "indian people smell like curry", or white people cant dance, but the second someone says "black people like fried chicken" all hell breaks loose.

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this shit ruthless b [Image]

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You guys wrap that shit or not?

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yea my outfit was in vogue im a pretty boi

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Yall think rockys album aint good. This shit is one of the best hiphop albums of the year. I say its second only to KDots.

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[Image] Tell me dis nigga A$AP Rocky aint the flyest nigga in the game.. this nigga got a legendary amount of bitches on deck. too many bitches bruh

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<img alt=" src="http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/47507_10151105337258785_81428797_n.jpg" width="750" height="406">I know i've been a pain in most peoples behind. so to make up for it i give you this<br><br>

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This nigga&nbsp;lives in suburbia and walks around with a fake samurai sword on his back yet you all dick ride him to no end. Its pathetic<br><br>

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[Embed content] .kcin @ 2:40

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And yall thought that bus driver nigga was bad. http://ilpvideo.com/video.php?v=NDAyNTQ#!

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how many yall have seen this movie? I watched it last night... one of the most fucked up/crazy movies i've seen.. shit had be buggin for like an hour afterwards..

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DIS SHIT DOE smokeyface smokeyface [Embed content]

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much to my surprised these niggas play live shows.. even more surprising i found out their doing a show tonight in my city. smokeyface

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[Embed content] smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface

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