Ive fucked 3 girls off tinder but they are all wierd and awkward. I met one cool girl off it but things didn't work out. everyone else was just kind of boring. tbh it was pretty easy to smash but I deleted that shit anyway because its just strange and i prefer real life.

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[Quote] ew, bruh why you buyin niggas slurpies?

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don't have a credit card...but about 27k in student loans smh. It's managable but still annoying. I've been thinking of getting a credit card to build credit (I have a little already and have always payed my bills on time), but I'm already paying rent and student loans, am I building credit with these? or should I still get a credit card?

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Another thing people don't seem to realize: when the rich have money, its not like they just have huge piles of cash sitting in their basements collecting dust while everyone else has nothing. the banks (can) lend the money to people to start small businesses, buy homes, etc. it can still benefit the middle and lower classes assuming they actually know how to responsibly take advantage.

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the thing about bernie is that while his ideas are nice and appeal to a lot of people, would they actually work? i mean ya its nice to say take money from the rich and give it to the poor but is it really realistic? what happens when the rich say fuck that and leave the US for some other countries where they and their businesses will be welcomed with open arms? it has happened before. if it happpens in large numbers, well there goes half the US economy and then we are completely fucked. things need to change but it is nowhere near as easy as just saying tax the fuck out of the one percent. what happens if we hike up minimum wage overnight? well those corporations can just hike up all their prices and we are back in the same position except our currency is less stable.  and as for all the hype over bringing factory jobs back to the US, yes it would be nice to have more jobs but do we really want to become a manufacturing economy again? those jobs are fucking shit and tbh i dont think a lot of people would want them if they were available. would be much better to improve our education system so that we can continue to lead in innovation, tech, business and creative fields. simply put the US will NEVER be primarily a manufacturing power and personally I am OK with that. and don't get me wrong things are fucked up and need change badly but it's not as easy as people make it out to be. Bernie could possibly be good but all ive really heard from him is sensationalism and "progressive" buzz-words, I need to hear actual plans for policies to impliment.

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i think its just that there are pretty much always racist events and remarks happening

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ive worked in offices(not full time) but i now do carpentry/painting/restoration. I work on different sites always moving around sometimes outdoors. My current job is certainly less boring but it takes a toll on you as well. Don't see myself doing it too long. Ideally i'd like something in between, so not sitting around in the same place all day every day, but also not breaking my back doing manual labor all the time. I think if i can make 60-80k+ doing something active but not overly taxing on the body, which is semi creative and i get to do some traveling I would be very happy with my life.

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thanks for your thoughts, and yes I agree, things have only just started. I am definitely not in love with this girl lol it's just the first in a while that I've seen legit potential in so i want to see where it goes. I won't get too attached. and ya the bar thing is an obstacle for now but i think she will get an id at some point, and im not huge on bars and clubbing anyway lol. especially if i had a GF i wouldn't give a fuck about going to the club lmao.

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What's good yall? idk why I'm coming here for advice but fuck it, why not.  So so I recently met this girl on tinder lmao and we have actually hit it off really well. she is into cool shit and we have many common interests and viewpoints and great chemistry. I honestly can't remember the last time I've gotten along this well with a girl, like most girls I've dated are almost a chore after a while and I just have to convince myself to keep giving girls chances for the sake of sexual attraction lol. But this girl I actually really enjoy talking to and look forward to seeing. In addition to being attractive. And she seems to be really interested in me as well.  Heres the thing, I am 23 and she is 18, just out of high school, which really weirds me out. I have three younger sisters and she is younger than all of them lol. But she is very intelligent and well informed, she really acts much older than she is and has been hanging out with older people the entire time she was in high school. Regardless tho it still feels strange to date someone so young. maybe because i generally have dated and hung out with older girls myself.  I haven't introduced her to any of my friends yet or even told them about her(we've only met twice) but I'm wondering how they will react. Do you guys think it's that weird or am I overreacting? Any advice or thoughts? Thanks

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Having a masters at 27 isn't old, most people take a few years off, in fact a lot of grad schools want people with real world experience rather than straight out of undergrad without ever having actually worked. In the US lots of people go back for grad in their 30s. Many start working and their company actually pays their tuition to go back for masters(especially in business)You should probably work on your writing skills though, that will be a bigger problem than your age lol no shade i guess english prob isn't your first language

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I lived in south side Chicago when I went to college in Chicago, not englewood level but still southside. But all those stories were from back home in cincinnati. It's funny I didn't realize until recently how hood it was growing up there but my old neighborhood recently was ranked #1 most violent in the us, which I don't know if I really believe these days but it's definitely bad. We also had riots when I was a kid, I believe they were the largest in the US since LA before All the Ferguson shit went down.

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Ya it originally represented peace but honestly that's irrelevant now, and they arent just wearing the symbol they're wearing the specific nazi German design

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Bars were pretty much the same but he had no flow so I guess you win

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Cool thank you man!!  Im not in la or nyc so It's hard to find consistent work in the field so I have a full time job that I end up having to work around haha, makes it kind of tough. Eventually though I think I'll end up moving to la nyc or back to Chicago and once I do I actually already have some connections that can hopefully help me out, my dads cousin is actually a pretty well known indie director so hopefully he can help hook me up with some people

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