if you still wanna make moves in canada holla!

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@tomee She isn't ignorant wtf are you talking about? Here she's calling out kdot for putting in the air this destructive belief that  problems in the black community are as easy as "hey if we respect our selves they'll eventually respect us." I love kendrick but in that interview he sounds like a house nigga appeasing his master by trying to keep the field niggas in check. azealia banks is the voice of the field niggas and it appears you wouldn't understand where she's coming from because you aren't in the field. Telling her industry friends to not dumb down.. wtf are u talking about? She named Iggy because of her exploitation of black culture and ignorance to acknowledge it. She put out an album/music videos in 2014 that's coming with a book and went on tour.. wtf are u talkin about? Slavery wasn't that long ago and you're the ignorant for down playing how the ramifications of black people not being treated as humans/ able to acquire wealth still effect later generations today.

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To answer op's question whats considered fun and boring goes by people's taste. .Like I can go to a party and listen to trap shake my locs and have the time of my life but when I went to the the country everybody was doing hoe downs and shit and I was bored out of my mind and wanted to die. I think its about finding that commonality of tastes to find out what u both think is fun and do that shit.

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[Embed content] smokeyface

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[Image] Olivia Munn

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[Quote]the dark knight? a kid with a weird shaped head eats spaghetti in a bathtub

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shit made me tear up, it reminded me of my friend that died

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[Quote]If you have an hour to spare I recommend reading/listening to this link. I thought some parts of the album were random but it brings a whole other level to the album and puts everything together and into perspective.

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[Image] #hansumboiz audition

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wat dat mouf do doe?

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Kendrick at 16  [Embed content]

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sum1 told me i was hansum one time

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Elle varner

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Wow the track Maad City was amazing. At the end of the song it felt as if Kendrick was playing the role of a shoulder angel while the music was blasting from the right ear bud. Then mood changed in his verse he changed into a shoulder devil and his voice deepens on the left ear bud. Too dope

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