$250 obo trade for iphone 5 or galaxy s4. no other trades. [Image]

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[Image] hit me up asap. pomona area

Started by [fs] sz 9 jordan fire red v’s crack fiend shit need these gone tonight 60$ obo +shipping or pickup, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

[Image] hundreds vest sz M 30$ gonna need 10$ shipping on this one. I prefer meet up in pomona and surrounding area HIT ME UP ill make fat deals if you buy alot.

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i say one day we just flip the script on this nigga. we'll start a chain of pm communication to say when and how we do it.

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its not drew, its not boland. Its you stupid fuck boys not being able to spot a troll from the get go. Day 1 i knew boland was a troll and wasnt really the dude in the pics. same with swagbeast. And lol at you dumbfucks taking stargod the obvious troll serious. You idiots believe anything. Straight up, Im going to use an old account to create a troll persona just to prove a point to you idiots.

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lil wayne is complete garbage. drake is complete garbage. every one else in young money is garbage. kanye is garbage. nas and his current shit is garbage. whiz khalifa is garbage. dom Kennedy is garbage lupe is garbage. cudi is garbage. wale is garbage. j cole is garbage. soulja boy is garbage. JAY Z IS ALSO EXTREMELY OVERRATED theres more that you queers on hb like but this is all i could remember. SHOTS FIRED.

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[URL] lol'd at "calm down mom"

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navy peacoat. sz 40/M brand new, only problem is the lining and wool are separated on the inside of the pocket. extremely heavy, fits more like a large. black. 9/10 never worn $50 +$10s&h [Image]

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i wanted to get some opinions on penny loafers with jeans? is this generally a no go?

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[URL] gucci errrrrthang.

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