This conversation happens in every new/immature genre of music, I think. At the moment, it's also going on in the electronic dance music scene. How do you think OG hip hop heads felt when rappers in the 90s (Pac, big, jay) started rapping about having money and driving luxury cars??? Went against everything that hip hop in the 80s was about...

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damn this thread too big

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Anyone know if these are custom or if the hundreds produces them widescale? [Image]

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I majored in entrepreneurship and it's working pretty well for me. I work for a start up, doing work I love, in an industry I've been into my whole life. I get paid well enough and get all the perks of the entrepreneur lifestyle (travel to cool places, work from my laptop a lot, flexible schedule). Plus, if things take off, I'm set to make some serious cash being there from the ground up. Sure, most kids who major in entrepreneurship probably get stuck working a "normal" job but if you're driven enough and KNOW that it's what you want in life, by all means do it. A lot of people don't understand the entrepreneur lifestyle, so trust me you'll face tons of doubters (esp family members, it's tough), but it's all worth it if you can hold on and grind it out. Idk, just my 2 cents

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Why would you give a fuck about what a "music critic" thinks about your music? oh yea, without music critics how would we know whats cool/hot.... thats like going to a website to learn how to dress like a cool kid.. oh wait

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I say yes... i grew up in cincy, and left for chicago when i was 18. 5 years later im now moving to NY gotta stay active and always drive yourself to get to the next level

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view from the balcany [Image]

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dgaf [Image]

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what are these Google instructions I keep seeing? care to share?

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The Mid is hands down the most fun club in the city. Late night tho, so dont even bother going until 12-1

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Not directly, FB makes it pretty hard to make money off their product but u can do shit like link to merch (assuming your merch game is good), places to buy music, etc c'mon nigga think outside the box

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MGK easily

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wow if you cant find mints in chicago u are fucking HUFF

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LOL @ "Why wont my own video go viral" go read a book. I'd tell you to keep rapping but honestly i dont think you have what it takes if youre "BIG PLAN" was to burn a flag u think its that easy? 1. Make song that says "fuck the government" 2. Burn flag in video 3. Profit

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[Quote] wow... youre a pussy

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