check it out d00dz

Started by [FS] Nike SB Blazer Azure 10, Cons Polar CTAS 9, Huf Classic Hi's, Lakai Manchester Pappalardo 9.5, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers stuff added weekly!

Started by [FS] NEW AND USED SKATE SHOES - HUF, VANS SYNDICATE, NIKE SB, CONS, ETC, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers Lots of good priced stuff in there

Started by [FS] Polar, Palace, Supreme, Huf, Welcome Skateboards, Etc, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

HEY YALL i can't find them anywhere on the web now so i'm hoping someone reading this has them and would be willing to sell..PM me i'm paypal ready and have stuff to trade! thanks

Started by WTB -- SUPREME DENIM SKATE JEANS SZ 32 PURPLE & GREEN, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

All prices are BIN shipped Black Cliver Crewneck Medium VNDS - 140  Black/Teal 2Tone Arc Hoodie Large DS - 170 Safari Shirt Grey Large DS - 90 Medium Blue 07' Gonz Crewneck (sewn neck) Worn a bunch - 55 If you're interested message me for pictures...only real trades I'm looking for is a classic logo 6 panel in black or size 9 CONS Thankz

Started by [FS/FT] - Supreme Cliver Crewneck / Two Tone Arc Hoodie / Safari Shirt / Other Stuff, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Looking for either the buttondown, the jacket, or the longsleeve in a large. hit me up if you have any of them and i'll throw you cash/trade offers that'll be in your favor. yeah tite funky

Started by [WTB] supreme x independent things (size L), 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Okay so I have a bunch of caps I'm looking to get rid of here, starting a new position and trying to get rid of a bunch of hats that I opted to never really wear. BIN prices are obviously listed below, but I am way more than willing to entertain any offers or trades anyone has. THAT MEANS MAKE ME OFFERS! I'm more likely to accept a trade offer than a BIN offer. PM me for details or additional pix if you need them. Specifically looking for in trades: Clothes in a L, Skate Shoes in 9.5, Skate decks and related skate shit Brands of choice for trades: Supreme, Huf, DQM, CONS, TQL, Palace, Rip'n'Dip, Only [Image] EMERICA INTERSTATE SNAPBACK (ORANGE) (DS) BIN: $30 ONLY NY SAMPLE SNAPBACK (TEAL-RARE COLOR! NEVER MADE IT TO THE SHELVES) (DS) BIN: $30 HUF GET SCREWED SNAPBACK (RED) (VNDS) BIN: $30 HUF 10K SNAPBACK(BLACK NYLON) (DS) BIN: $40 OBEY GAUCHO 5-PANEL (HIPSTER FABRIC) (DS) BIN: $25 HUF PLANTLIFE 5-PANEL (BLACK/GREY) (DS) BIN: $55 DQM CHIMAYO 5-PANEL (BLACK/BLUE) (DS) BIN: $50 DQM CHIMAYO 5-PANEL (RED/BURGANDY) (DS) BIN: $50 HUF LIZARD CAMO SNAPBACK (PURPLE/TEAL) (VNDS) BIN: $70 DQM TULSA 5-PANEL (TEAL/JADE) (DS) BIN: $25 SUPREME HARRIS TWEED 5-PANEL (NAVY) (DS) BIN: $65 SUPREME ACID 5-PANEL (BLACK) (DS W/TAGS) BIN $60

Started by [FS/FT] 5-PANELS/CAMPS/SNAPBAX (Supreme, Huf, Only, Obey, Emerica, DQM), 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

hey y'all so like trying to find the cliver crewneck in a Large somewhere (preferably black, green, navy, or purple) and also digging the felt arc crew in a Large (in any color, preferably the grey or burgundy) and really liking the polar fleece in a Large in any color/hue/tone and also looking for the bolivia beanie in either black or tan i'm preferably looking to do some trades, because the parent is broke and can't raise his children this is why i am concerned if you have any of this schit let me know, i have a surplus of hats in my closet that have minimal interest in my brain as well as hoddies and shirts and other stuff thankz doodz

Started by [WTB] - the parent is concerned for some items (supreme bolivia, cliver, polar fleece, arc), 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Hey everyone, I bought a bunch of shit last season and literally everything has just sat on a shelf and has never been touched (mainly since my palace hat is my go-to). I bought a bunch in-store and a bunch online, but regardless, they've all just sat. BIN prices are listed below, PM me with any trade offers (see below for what I'm looking for in trades, try and be fair) or money inquiries! Thanks for checking homiez. [Image] Cliche **SAMPLE** 5-Panel (bought from a sales rep, only one of these out there!) SOLD BIN: $45 Obey Gaucho 5-panel BIN: $25 Emerica 5-panel (made in the USA, same fit as Supreme, HUF, etc.) BIN: $20 LOOKING FOR TRADES PRIMARILY IN: Supreme Futura 5-Panel Supreme Bright Tweed Camp (Green) Supreme Snakeskin Softbill (White) Rip n' Dip Buttondowns (M or L) Quiet Life 5-panels and Snapbacks Supreme Arc Snapbacks Supreme Black Canvas Camp Supreme x Thrasher stuff(L) Supreme Arabic Snaps (everything except red) ONLY NY Snapbacks Hope I can help some people out here!

Started by [FS/FT] PRICE DROP 5-Panel Snapback Cleanout — Supreme, Huf, Emerica, Obey, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

hey y'all unfortunately i have no way of putting up no pictures right now since my camera is dead, but i wanted to post this as to get a feeling of if people would be interested. here's what i got, primarily looking for trades, see bottom for particular wants, but anything in the supreme/huf/dqm family is desired... (posting stock images for now, PM for actual pictures and offers pleaze!) huf haroshi DLX collabo shit...bought it the day it came out, it literally sits in the closet. [Image] once again, PM me if you want actual pictures, I will gladly send you pictures once I can. Make me offers people, I'm looking for trades, I wanna recycle old gear to get some new stuff. Here's primarily what I'm looking for: - supreme futura 5-panel (the "fuck you pay me" shit) - supreme arabic 5-panel in black/orange/yellow - supreme black canvas camp - supreme snakeskin softbill in white - supreme arc 5-panels (pinstripe or solid) - supreme panama 5-panel - huf volleys please send me a message if you'd be interested in working something out. thanks again for checking, and sorry for the lack of actual pictures, but seriously...message and you'll get them.

Started by [FT][FS] -- supreme/huf/clichè/emerica 5-panel'z and snapbac'z, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

all wanted, looking for both snapbacks and 5 panels, willing to pay cash or trade. let me know if interested.

Started by WTB -- HUF snapbacks and 5 panels, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

all wanted, I'm willing to pay cash or trade for any snaps or 5 panels...i have a variety of snapbacks ranging from HUF, supreme, brixton, and old sports team caps (chicago bulls, alabama crimson tide, charlotte hornets, etc.) let me know if you're interested.

Started by WTB -- HUF snapbacks and 5 panels, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

looking to buy ANY gravis IV sk8 shoe (artos, dylans, filters, slip ons, etc.) will pay cash...let me know people!

Started by WTB -- All Gravis Size 10, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers