this podcast was made for my art of podcasting class. just putting it out there for people to check it out. leave feedback, negative or positive let me know what's up!!! and yes we messed up on the release but take it for what it is! just comedy for ya. [URL]

Started by Sofa King's Sneaker Show PODCASTTT, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

[COLOR="Cyan"][SIZE="4"]LOOKING TO MOVE MY SHOES / CLOTHES ASAP.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="6"] NO TRADES, STRAIGHT BLOODCLOT CASHHHH[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]all sz 10.5 and DS (pics in flickr album)[/COLOR] am1 hufs - $200 caros **VNDS - $220 mars - $200 sbtgs - $350[/SIZE] [U][SIZE="5"]Can work prices for shoes. [/SIZE][/U] [URL]

Started by URGENT SALEEEEE, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

I am looking DS sz 11 countdown package. I have some jordans and sb's available to trade. mars 4s ds 10.5 caros 5s vnds 10.5 aqua 8s ds 10.5 flint 12s vnds 11 air huf 1 ds 10.5/11 sbtgs sbs ds 10.5

Started by [TORONTO] Anyone interested in trading their countdown package, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

If anyone in GTA area can hook me up with either the Vs, VIs, or VIIs looking for Burgs, Olympics, Metallics, Infrareds or Fire Reds. Would like to meet up locally in downtown Toronto (Eaton Centre, Ryerson). size 10, 10.5, 11

Started by [TORONTO] Lookin to buy J's Vs, VIs, VIIs, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

lookin for black or grey jaws fitted in sz 7 5/8 or 7 3/4 local meet up in t.o or paypal ready

Started by ANYONE HAVE GDFT JAWS FITTED FOR SALE, 2 Weeks ago in Canada