[URL] Comments appreciated.

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How many of you use dodging and burning? Show some examples of where/how you used it...

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Post your test scores(SAT, SATII, GPA) and what colleges you're applying to and whether or not you think you'll get in. I'm getting anxious as shit. smhsmhsmh

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So I know some of you dudes are buying supreme and shit because your 14 and have no game and this is the only respect you get (hence the immense amount of *fap* threads) so in the interest of human interest I wanna know how many of you dudes have enough game to have had a girl swallow your soulful ass passion fruit nectar before? (No homo)

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So I searched the mall yesterday for shorts and I had shitluck, they were all baggy or cargo shorts. I want some that fit like this, anybody know where I can find some? [Image]

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Since I shut the last one down, I'll start and I'll try to stay out of this one Ayo I beast like king kong... eiffel tower I devour On my godzilla shit, bustin clips by the hour Always strapped, pants saggin, yeah bitch I got dat heavy .40 sittin in my lap I'm katrina breakin levys Smokin doja wit a bitch and my *****s all around Yeah I told ya you a bitch thats why I got you seeing sounds Like that clap! .37 or the blast! mac 11, You'll be in a wheelchair or on the stairway to heaven

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Ok so I know its part of the religion and no body thats not hijacking planes should wear one and whatever whatever but like I think it makes outfits look dope if done right but I can't fucking buy one because of all the goddamn kanye clones roaming every single mall and party and school and everything trynna be seen. Shits annoying like I hate when somebody famous does something and then fucks it up for anyone who might have done it before or done it even if they hadn't... /end rant anyone feel the same way about shemaghs or anything else?

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Anybody know wtb the flannel harolds got on, or what kind it is? [Image]

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starting bid is $99 with 13 hours left "This is a pair of OLYMPIC retro AIR JORDAN VII size 11 sneakers in perfect condition!! These shoes are 100% authentic and have never been worn!!! They come in the original box, with original retro card and original shoe paper!! I do not sell fakes, variants, or B-Grades...I sell authentic Jordans and Nikes from the manufacturer..These shoes are EXTREMELY rare brand new and would cost about 150.00...Why not have them shipped to you directly for free? Feel free to message me with ANY questions and happy bidding!!!! NO FAKES FREE SHIPPING" [Image]

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So as its getting hotter and I'm doin more outside activities, I'm noticing that I've been sweating in my jeans a lot more. It seems like it would make them softer and stretch out maybe but it also might make them get better fades. Just wondering if anyone knows what sweat in particular does to your denim.

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Anybody know how these fit? I'm thinkin about ordering one but I'm real skinny and kinda tall (6' 135/150) pretty big shoulders... help pleez guise! [URL] [Image]

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Anybody do it?! If so why? [Image]

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Anybody got some or know where to cop either? [Image]

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Just wondering if anyone knew how much it costs for the raw materials/labor of expensive jeans like SEXI04 or Imperials or Skulls or w/e. Do they really cost anything near what we pay for them? Holla back.

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I could use it blushing

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