[B][I][U]post a series of photos from your weekend or live ass weekdays. [/U][/I][/B] [I][COLOR="Red"]i was in DC tri state area this weekend. Georgetown goes hard as hell.[/COLOR][/I] [URL]

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things people do for e-cred, i don't think wanting e-cred is the crime, but the lengths people go to can be criminal lol. "Just for e-cred bro..?"

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how so?

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what does anybody think will be hot this winter? last year it was red wings, puff shit like always, parkas, and furry shit. what will be the next stand out trends?

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what made you start posting? i personally started cuz i wanted e-props for my clothes, now it's like a personal portable blog of myself.

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Your top 5 songs to listen to, while your high, this is needed, but mine are. Stairway to heaven- Lynard Skynard Heaven at Nite- Kid Cudi This is how we play- J-money Fat Lip- Sum 41 Tribute- Tenacious D

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Where can i find a nice tux with a nice fitting pair of pants.....less than 1000 obviously polo, ut any other compnays that have nice fitting stuff?

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Whats the difference between Nike and Nike Sportswear sorry for the ignorance.

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i know there is a thread for this but i couldn't find it quick enough funny as hell [B][I][U]SKIP IT TO LIKE 2:10[/U][/I][/B] [URL]

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are gray jeans a seasonal thing or are they like black jeans, confined to the colder months?

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i feel like the rest of the world knows and i don't Where in the hell do i buy some samurai jeans at? i can't traslate the website, help please

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give your honest opinions PICS if any i'm trying to make a choice on some imperials or some slim jim NUDIES OPINIONS!|0

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