These just arrived at DEEP SLEEP in Philly. the denim is super nice, the cuts are great (weird guy seems to be the most popular) and these come at an amazing price. i can be picky with denim but i am impressed by these. [URL]

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i'm super feeling this new summer line. i have been telling kids they sleep on this brand for years now. top quality gear with awesome design and it's not in every store you go in like other brands. i work in a shop that got this stuff in and it's mainly regular people buying it all up. [URL]

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don't care for his music much. but i'd go to check that show out live.

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any thoughts on this brand? i am really loving their stuff. combine a military-ish look with a progressive fashion feel, and everything is super slick and clean. what the fuck am i even talking about?? hahah.. just real solid stuff. and really great prices!! [Image]

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OC has awesome designs, cuts and materials!!! construction is so-so for the price you are paying. [URL]

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admit i would never mess with their jeans. their cut and sew is made super nice, has fresh design and style. the company has progressed way past being a streetwear brand. shit like 10 deep or who ever is huge in this scene really just keep doing the same thing season after season.

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i'm not seeing much talk of pegleg nyc in sometime. but the line is consistently strong. [URL]

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[Image] new online shop. nooka watches, mhi, flying coffin, wrath arcane, sugar cane jeans, pegleg nyc.... and so on. [URL] updated weekly. actual store in philly.

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yo i started working part time at this place that has MHI for good prices. [URL] check it.

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