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Well, while HB was down J. cole confirmed on his twitter that he's dropping a new mixtape soon. Can't. Fucking. Wait. 1st drop from it. [Image]

Started by J. Cole Villematic. Mixtape, 2 Weeks ago in Music edit: the DL link is all fucked up now....gotta find another. another edit: it's all good now.

Started by Kanye/Jay/Nicki/Iver/Ross-Monster, 2 Weeks ago in Music

So Kanye just announced on his twitter that he and Jay are gonna drop a 5 song album named "Watch the Throne" Thoughts??? personally, I think this is gonna be super dope if it actually goes down.

Started by Kanye&Jay "Watch the Throne", 2 Weeks ago in Music yeeerrrrrrrsmokeyface

Started by New rozaaayy., 2 Weeks ago in Music it's unfinished apparently. still chill shit though!(:

Started by J. Cole- Bun B for President, 2 Weeks ago in Music Thoughts?

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SMH, Idk what Drake might have said.. but he should watch his mouth now.

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