Acronym costs a lot, but its worth it. I dont think you can really compare it to any other brand on any kind of level, certainly not on a technical level. If you want a nice technical clothes then the burton AK and Idiom lines are good (erolson used to design for burton), and certainly a bit cheaper, but they dont really come anywhere near ACR on a technical level, theres just an insane amount of detail put into ACR stuff.

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[Quote] I was mainly talking about younger people, as I doubt too many middle aged business men are walking around decked out head to foot in MMJ, so they wouldnt neccessarily have any family to support but Im not going to argue about the irriational spending, I still think you have to be a bit "irrational" to spend that much on a tshirt. As for rolexs, I dunno, I know nothing about watches, I guess it depends on the model and your salary, but you still have to have a fiar amount of disposable income to drop over 2 grand on a watch.

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I didnt start the thread, ROC did, his post just got merged with mine, so blame him not me haha

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[Quote] Their stuff is a lot cheaper than other similar brnads, sure its not cheap, but you get a lot for youre money.

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Id like a nice 50mm lens, something like a good nikkor,or a decent second hand medium or large format but theyre too pricey right now. That dakine bag is cool, I was looking into pne a while back, but Ive decided to make some special mods for my Acronym messenger instead.

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I tried, but I cant get the font right and Im too much of a perfectionist to make do with almost right. I tried futura bk, futura book, futura bk bold, futura bk oblique(italic) and none of them were right even with faux bold or faux itallic.

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Funny!!! Never realised Sisqo was so damn short either.

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Couldnt see an APC thread so I thought Id start one. [Image]

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[Quote] I can see where hes coming from, but at the same time I still think that the prices are a bit excessive. Having said that, the Japanese have more disposable income than we do, so comparitively its not that expensive. Its like for most of us, a Rolex is well out of our price range, you have to be making big bucks to want to spend that much on a watch, but in Japan its quite common for middle class "salarymen" to own a rolex or similar. The reason is that, first of all the majority of (big city) people dont actually own a house/appartment and many japanese companies pay half the cost of their employees accomodation expenses, add to that the fact that space is at a premium (people dont have the room to fill up their houses with junk) and that public transport is highly efficient(many people have no need to own a car) and what have you got left to spend your money on? Why mastermind Japan of course. Credit goes to Milspex for explaining all of this.

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I think its a difference in culture, if you are wealthy in the poor parts of africa, then you like to make it obvious. So rather than spend money on nikes that nobody will appreciate, they spend it on roberto cavalli and bling.

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[Quote] Yeah because they all fancy Vince, but its still funny as hell.

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Dont forget when using flickr that any picture you post outside of flickr has to link back to the original flickr page, annoying but thems the rules.

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Big shops like that always try and rape you on cables, thats how they try and make up for selling the printers so cheap, same deal with the ink cartridges. Just get the printer, you can buy the cable online for like $5.

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How in the fuck do you head but your way through a reinforced glass police car window!!!!

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