[Quote]SMH, it's not glow in the dark.

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Clae is one of my favorite shoe brands, I like the simplicity and style on some of the shoes they make.

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Check your local Urban Outfitters if you're looking for a pair.  They have all the basic colors pretty much.  These are the perfect spring / summer kicks.

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These shoes are clean, I'd rock them casually but I don't think I could wear them to the gym or to go running.

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Instagram Twitter Clash of Clans Simpsons Pandora / Tune-In Radio Scoremobile / ESPN Scorecenter

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Wack fight, GSP won in the exact way I thought he would.  Nick looked uninterested and didn't try to do anything.  He played the bad guy role well and sold the fight but he pretty much showed up just to collect a check.

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Some of the pics and gifs got me weak! lol

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This season has been great and I think next season is going to be the last one. I see Quinn taking a huge L soon, I think his days are numbered. I don't think anything will happen to Laguerta this season, I can see a plot for the final season involving her and Deb vs. Dexter.

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Can't wait for next week's episode, things are definitely about to go down. I'm predicting a few characters not making it pass the next episode but it should open the doors to introduce new ones.

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Wasn't really a fan of the stacking on these jeans at first but I'm getting used to them. Didn't want to hem the jeans without breaking them in first.

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Clark DB's are really versatile which is why I like them. I rock them with both jeans and chinos/trousers.

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I'm seeing mixed reviews for this game but I still went ahead and copped it. I passed on MW3 so I haven't played COD since the last Black Ops.

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I want to read the book, lots of people are saying it's a good read.

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Gyp Rossetti is one of the best bad guys on TV ever, love dude's character.

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Business is about to pick up between the 2 camps, can't wait.

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