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So back when I was in high school I was dating this new girl. We broke it off about 3 months in basically cause I just stopped calling or coming around. Then I heard she had started talking to some other nigga, so of course at this point I wanted to reunite with her. I hit her up we go for a ride, burn some trees, chill, and everything is all good between us. She drops the other nigga a line that it's over. Next day were chillin at her moms crib on the couch and in walks her older sisters with dude in tow. I'm like WTF shits bout to get real. Now I'm no stranger to throwing my hands around but I've learned my lesson in the past about doing so while blowed. Either way homie comes in running his mouth, sees me and her on the couch snuggling and shit. Tries to get in my face and start talking shit. Gets a bit to close and POW she sticks this nigga damn good, right in the middle of his nose. I could see his fucking eyes tear up. Her older brother who was 6'4" 320lbs comes out his room grabs fuckboy and throws him outside. I'm high-fiving my girl and shit when I get a txt from this nigga that he wants to meet Friday at his place so we can do something, fucks up and tells me to bring my boys cause he'll have plenty of his. Friday comes around and there's about 12 cars parked outside my house. We all jump in and roll up to homies spot. Dude had like 8 other niggas with him and a squad of girls, while I'm rolling like 20 niggas deep. We get out the car and decide that were gonna do a fair square up in the basketball court, which happens to be caged in. We walk in, my niggas close the gate, and proceed to start hollering at all the hoochies this nigga brought us. So homie has me by about 40lbs and a few inches in height but I'm decently quick and damn good at taking hits. We square up and he immediately charges to tackle me. I post up against the fence and hold on while throwing several blows all over him. I let him know I'm not about to wrestle around with his big ass and to throw hands. Once again we square up and I see why he doesn't want to box, Nigga is mad sloppy, opens his arms like he's gonna come in for a hug when he's swinging and shit. So I'm ducking, weaving, and landing mad body shots while staying out of his grasp. When he opens up and I duck for the swing and this motherfucker catches me off guard and kicks me square across the face. Basically I came down to his boot and it stood me straight up. I'd had enough. Fuckboy opens up again and I go for the light switch. Stick him right in the jaw with everything. He falls on his back, knees locked up, and legs roll over his head, I see my final opportunity and plant the steel toe part of my boot as far inside his sphincter as I could, hard enough to wake him out of my right hand induced sleep. Game over. fuck boy lays on the floor for a couple minutes holding on to his ass. I walk out of the cage, go to my girls house to scoop her up, she helps me clean up a bit since I did have some bumps, bruises, and scrapes, then we hit up a club with my boys and his homegirls in tow.

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Why didnt you just eat the pussy....so confused. [Image]

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Yall niggas acting like yall would kick her ass out of bed or someshit.

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[Image] A large bowl of Ceviche made with shrimp, crab, lobster, as well as octopus and squid. I'm deathly allergic to shell fish.

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start your own gang wage war take over street corners profit on meth money

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Mommy let's go see dad fight. [Embed content]

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hahahahahahahahahahah..aaaaaahahahaha get the fuck outta here with that shit. prostitutes fuck for money homie. what makes yo girl different if she gets down for a dolla.

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