Im just starting a webiste on news for the playstation vita and really need a cool profile/website photo that says: PSVitaTeam in a sort of BlackOps: Declassified kind of way? will pay if I use!

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Hello, right now i am developing a text adventure game 2.0 for windows phones, but later going to Android and iOS, i have many writers helping me with story, but now i need artwork for the splash image , app image, and characters and anything you guys could think of to make the game a good experience. Here is just a screenshot of how it will look minus the variables (gold, xp) and character image box, and even if you guys can help weapons and monsters. if interested PM me, thanks

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[Embed content] Just trying to get noticed, tell me what you think please, and be gentle Im a negative guy and things like that ruin a lot for me, Thank you If you wanna know more about us just message me and subscribe also follow me @ackerboy Thanks for your time and if you like help spread!

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Hey guys I really need a sweet mixtape cover, Itd be called All For Everything by Ackenbakes and Easy...Any of you guys think you could help me out?

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