I can't wait till he comes out with his new stuff...I'm not a fan of his crazy Devo-esque stuff...but I think he'll kill it with the womens...and come out with some crazy wicked stuff...and you know the fashion community will come out and support him

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[Quote] Forgetaboutit...skytops are Ill...I get them white and clean...and they look so good...it's areally awesome sneaker...not a fan of the colourful ones though

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[Quote] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah OMG....these shoes are terrible...the sad thing is that mad people are buying them...look how many colourways dude has....I guess there is a market for everything

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[Quote] hmmmmm.....69.99, well at least the price is reasonable...but we sneaker companies have got to stay away from the all-over print...it looks nasty on shoes

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[Quote] they retail for 90 bucks now...since when?

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[Quote] a few shops in new york approached me about carrying my products, but I'm being a little selective in the begining...not just because it's my brand, but the kung-fu style shoes look really nice with nice jeans....like dress shoes that are'nt lame...if you notice in my designs I do alot of stuff on the heel cuz it dresses up the shoe, but gets hidden by the hem of your pants...so when you gotta hit a club or your taking out your girl somewhere nice...you can rock...some nice black wushus...and look real slick man.. hahahahahaha peace...happy holidays

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[Quote] yes......just me having fun... thanks man....it's funny about the Wushu, within the collection I have divided customers...people who like the UG/Walkabouts...and people who love the Wushu and Shaolin breaker..... stay posted to the site because I have alot of unseen product coming out from here on in... thnaks guys for taking a look

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Hey whatsup guys...got some new stuff i wanted to show. Below is the "Le Smoking".....know your YSL history if you don't get the name, at any rate this shoe will be featured in the next issue of Kicksclusive so cop that mag it's ill! [Image] peace everyone and i hope you have a safe and blessed holiday season. http://www.cipherism.com C

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I find it so strange that people think that St. Nike would do such back handed dealings...but c'mon, do you think the shareholders care if the CEO is johnny cupcakes....do you think 30 years ago...if Addidas did the same thing to Nike...Nike would be where they are now...the big guys always have to worry about the next nigo....large companies come and go...and the fortune 500's are just as likely to go bankrupt as little guys....just ask kenneth Lay.... www.cipherism.com

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A canadian in Hk....do I count? http://www.cipherism.com

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yoooOOOOo... I'm a globetrotter a new jack in the idependent sneaker game....just wanted to let errybody on this side of the pacific that i got love for you...for HK and if you guys have a chance check out my shit and my blog about the world city. http://www.cipherism.com [Image]

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I'm psyched that Goodfoot is in town it just makes vancouver that much more ill...the best place in Canada period...even though I'm reppin Hong Kong now, and originally from Toronto...vancouver is my fave spot and i'm glad that gasstown is blowin up....more stores in that area just mean good things for all... you might even catch sum of my kicks up in one of those stores... [Image] http://www.cipherism.com C

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