I'm sure a ton of streetwear brands have taken this wonderful film's logo and done a shirt, or their own rendition of the logo on a shirt. Been a minute since I've seen any, just wondering if anyone knew of any and could point me in the right direction to cop one. [Image] For those who don't know, Do the Right Thing is an amazing Spike Lee joint, go watch it if you haven't.

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where can i cop some playcloths gear? i only see this stuff at MLTD and the playcloths.com site, both of which don't got much stock.

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waddup Diamond lifers. i see yall are on point with the newest drops. those not in LA area, do you just cop from Diamond online store? just wanna know where to cop new shit before it all sell out.

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I know the longer you wear your APCs the more they'll stretch out. The waist will surely stretch comfortably so I sized down 3. How about the lower leg area? I wear 34 but bought a pair of Rescues 31. I thought this cut would be a lil baggier but the lower legs portion but it still seems too thin to my liking. Any tips on making this stretch, besides pumping synthol into my calves to achieve the desired stretching =(

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It's koo to size down and all cuz the waist stretches like a muh fug, but wtf do I do if i want the bottom portion to stretch out, without pumping synthol into my calves? My upper body seems bigger compared to my bottom half, so while my Rescues fit nicely I feel the calves area look too thin. Any tips? I've had mine for about a solid month of wear (3 months since purchased). Maybe I should size down just one, instead of 3 (tts 34, tagged 31).

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good stuff here

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Vans is a good luck for summer like everyone says. Boat shoes is big now, since I'm from sunny so Cal I'd rock em if I find me a good pair. This summer I'll be rockin some infrared AM90's once they drop again in July!

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damn.... wish these were 11's

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good shit here..

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How fitted are Gost tee's? I wear a large in most brands, like my Diamond or Hundreds or Crooks are all large and fit quite nicely. Is sizing in Gost pretty similar?

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Goin there for a lil bit this summer. What are some spots to check out while I'm over there?

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I just take a tooth brush and clean with suds from clothing detergent + water, usually gets my mesh pretty clean.

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