anybody else seen it? it just came out for blu-ray and i blind bought it a couple days ago. i thought it was great. [Image] i rather have u not read the back cuz it does contain spoilers. and the reviews too. im just gonna say i really recommend this movie. its like the korean verison of man on fire. also when watching movies, watch it with ZERO expectations cuz i know some of u dont do that and it ruins the overall movie experience. just saying.

Started by The Man From Nowhere., 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

[Image] the one lil wayne is wearing. i have no idea what brand cuz that would be a good start so i'd know where to look. help is greatly appreciated. thanks. (i prefer the excat same look and color no similarities, high quality more expensive the better.)

Started by Hey guys, I need help finding this hoodie., 2 Weeks ago in Fashion