I think when it says "Your account has been suspended", its referring to bapetalk.com being suspended due to non-payment. Has nothing to do with the individual poster accounts.

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I guess an inmate escaped from the asylum.

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I posted similar info on another forum regarding this matter. It's not only item price + shipping + 6% transaction fee. THERE'S A COMMISSION FEE FROM "From Japan" THAT'S UNSPECIFIED. So again, it's (ITEM PRICE + SHIPPING + COMMISSION FEE {FROM JAPAN}) + 6% TRANSACTION FEE. Most users of the other bape web site are not reading the small print and are getting their panties in a wad.

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Btw, I have a friend who sorta knows how to read kanji and he confirms my suspicions that stay246's listing of measurement is length, width, then sleve length. Maybe he's wrong? I don't know what HKK is.

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You forgot to mention Costco.

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[Quote] First of all, thanks for your reply. I actually thought the measurements provided was actually length, width, then sleve length. I guess the reason why I thought so was because a 64 cm chest (size small) would result in a 24 inch (1 side) = 48 inches = extra large. But I guess they measure the arm parts of the hoodie too instead of only measuring armpit to armpit. When you wrote that a size S is too short in length for you, are you referring to a size small or a size short? The reason I ask is I recently got an old hoodie off ebay and it's a size small and the body length actually fits me perfectly. Here's a pic of my new hoodie: [Image]

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Hi, I've broached on this subject before without getting a reply. So if anybody (I've seen some posters having own size Tall items) can help me, it would, it'd be greatly appreciated. My question is this. I've read most of the measurements of hoodies on stay246 for sizes small and tall. The thing that concerns me is this. Even though the size tall chest (usually around 50 cm. = 19 inch = 38 inch total) fits me perfectly, what I don't understand is the last measurement given on the listings which is the length of the hoodie. Usually, the length of the hoodie is proportionate to its size, for example: S M L XL Tall 着丈 62 65 70 74 59 身幅 54 58 61 64 50 袖丈 付け根から 76 79 82 87 69 As you can see, the first two measurements are proportionate regarding size small and size tall. Now look at the 3rd measurement. A 7 cm. difference. So for people who own size tall, is the length too short for you? I am very skinny (5'9'' 115 pounds), but I also have very broad shoulders (coat hanger shoulders) so I am afraid the length of the sleeve or the length of the hoodie would be too short. Thanks in advance.

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[Quote] You should be happy that the guy didn't take you to show you "The Gimp" (pulp fiction reference). :dance:

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[Quote] How much do these milo trucker caps retail for in Japan? Can anybody who went to NYC BWS tell me how much they're selling it there for? Thanks in advance.

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First of all, thanks for the reply. You mentioned in your post that the camo side has a "clothy" feel to it. Is it the cotton material of a dress shirt or of a normal hoody? A concern of mine now for the "clothy" side would be the lint balls that would pop up. I was hoping both sides to be nylon (polyester) windbreaker material.

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First, can somebody tell me when the reversible camo hoody was released? It is the item listed below: [URL] Second, do you guys think I should get the reversible camo hoody (kinda like windbreaker I assume) over the blue crazy camo hoodie? Third, I've read measurements of a size small Bape hoodie. Chest measures 20 inches. That's still a medium. So people who have purchased Apee tall, can you tell me what the chest measurement is for the hoodys? Also, is the overall length of the sweater much shorter to compensate for the female torso? Thanks.

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How much did the crazy camo's retail for in NYC? Thanks.

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I was wondering about the size discrepancy between small Bape and tall Apee. I've looked at the measurements for small camo hoodies and they are usually 55 cm (around 20 inches). I usually wear a size 36 (American), 46 (Italian) for Prada. Can somebody tell me if the tall Apee fits us men? Because sometimes, even though the size of the chest is different, the cut and tailoring will vary too. Meaning the torso or the length of the clothing will vary along with the chest size. So should I buy small or tall hoodie? I am 5' 9'', 120 pounds (yes, stick figure).

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