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Mah Nigga smokeyface [Image]

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I sense a FIT BATTLE! 99% SHIT vs Taylor Swift smokeyface

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[Image] Ask London smokeyface

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DUDE. You got snitched on last time smh( but Goodluck again I guess. Another vote!

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Thats gottta hurt blinkyeyessmh

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I am pretty sure most of you been playing runescape way back in the 2000s and recently, its been shit. Jagex realized that they were fucking up so they decided to create a poll to bring back 2007 Rs. Everyone is gonna restart with lv 1 skills. Just trying to spread the word cause I am actually fucking down to relive my childhood if this pulls off. Thanks for reading and spread the word! News=>

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[Embed content] If you dont know him, check him out. blushing

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[Quote]NOPE blushing [Image]

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Beyonce got this smokeyface

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[Quote]Enjoy the last minutes being in Florida. You wont know what you have until its gone blushing

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