as of right now i dont see how any1 can beat Bones, but the best chance goes to Rashad. Very cool pictures! thx for sharing those. Big Nog losing just totatlly crushed me. smh smh And yes, he won't be able to fight for at least 9 months smh

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i've heard big ass but i've never heard of fat butt until today. LMAOOO

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^LOL at the video. SF tryin' to stir up with none other than. "Don't be scared Homie!" kavy by thunder thighs choke... i can see that happening from miles away. I hope Yves stopped the fight in an approriate time otherwise you are not getting dinner LMAO *what makes you think Josh is going to win against GSP iScotty? I think GSP will win once again by the same ol' superior wrestling skill with the good top control. I actually think Jake Shields has a much better chance to beat GSP. [URL] TMZ Live interview of Roger Huerta

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[URL] indie folk shit

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betty is such a bitch. can't even controll her temper and emotions like grown-ups should. Sally is just curious, exploring and experimenting. She just needs a reassurement from her dad that she is really loved. don is just so fucking genius to pull off that stunt. fooling them as if they're making commercials and dealing with japanese the way japanese do. sterling cooper is becoming more and more useless. it was funny to see him gettin' pissed of campbell lol *btw don's babysitter is the nurse who lives in the same floor as don right? she's cute

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show us ur feet claire LOL and MOAR

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^she's not impressed LOL

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fuck he went out with the style... RIP for the victims

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+ Maia is fighting fellow brazillian fighter named Mario Miranda... +if u missed it... here's UFC 117 Silva vs. Sonnen countdown show [URL] +watch this GSP- Bloodsport Karma if u have 30 mins... it covers many of his fights with interviews and etc... +KSW confirms Aleksander Emelianenko has Hepatitis C: "wow, KSW co-owner Maciej Kawulski just told on Polsat News that Aleks E won't fight in KSW after all because he's got hep C" *shit... that sucks...

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i think one of the most important lessons in life u'll learn sooner or later is that ONE MUST WORK FOR IT whether it's a dream, house, a car, or even a gf. Sooner the lesson is taught the better one will be... i see way too many people who are lazy and reluctant to pursue anything... they just want to get to the destination without working to get there. i mean result matters but the process is almost as important as the result *i went lil off topic :]

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we need population control... there are simply NOT enough resources for everyone to live in satisfactory way... too many people fuck let's fucking slaughter them then turn them into canned food

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