dont blow it at my face

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alright niggas ive been seeing avatars and shit, and some of u niggas got anime characters as ur avy. I'm curious if u guys get any pussy cuz why would a grown ass man be watchin mufuckin anime. Dead ass i dont know a single nigga in real life that watches anime. I picture you weird mothafuckas lookin like this  [Image] Y'all need to get some help.

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[Embed content] Been seeing a lot of people not able to come thru with the no fap bullshit so I'll make it a lot more easier for y'all. There's nothing wrong with fapping so why fight against it when porn fucks some people up (eg. Swerve.). Goodluck my niggas.

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Has anyone here try to quit smoking for good? I'm on my 3rd week and I feel like shit. Lately, I've been getting pissed off over the stupidest shit. Like right now I'm pissed off bcuz some guy is mowing his lawn outside and the sound is irritating as fuck. I've also been having difficulty sleeping and waking up. So basically, I'm tired all the time and it's fucking depressing. Tbh the only reason why I haven't smoked a cigarette yet is because I've been getting high every time I crave that nicotine. So how long does this feeling last?

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[Image] Just saw this and I swear, this is one of the most motivating shit I've ever read.

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alright so lately ive been gettin pretty lonely real talk. i got no pussy to smash errday and its been like that for months. i got my right hand every now and then but i need the real deal naamean. Preach.

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how many times have u guys shit today? its 5:20 pm and ive shit 5 times.

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so can i call the cops on them bitch asses or what?

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