I'm not SKINNY skinny, and I don't like the jeans to be TOO tight. Prefer Regular Skinny, not Super Skinny. Would be best if you guys know where I can get Stretchy Skinny Jeans. I went pass TOPMAN today and they had some nice stretchy ones but they go for $80 + tax. That's too much for me. If you guys know a good site or store that sells HIGH QUALITY Skinny jeans at a decent price ($55 or below), please let me know!!! Thanks!!!

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-BRAND NEW WITHOUT TAGS Size Large Supreme "Small Supreme Red Box Logo" Pullover Hoody - $200 -Used Size Large "Big Supreme 'S' Logo" Pullover Hoody - $150 -Used Size Medium "Supreme Graffiti Logo by JA" Pullover Hoody - $200 Prices are negotiable, PM me!!! [Image]

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Besides these stickers, I have a few hoodies for sale too : -Size Large, Small red box logo BLACK hoody -Size Medium, Navy Blue Supreme graffiti by JA hoody -Size Large, BIG S Patch logo BLACK hoody PM me for pictures! STICKER PRICES : Red Box Logos : $4 a piece. Zebra & Arabic Box Logos : $5 a piece. Buy 2 or more = $1 off each sticker. To buy bigger orders, please contact me for prices. Meet ups in NYC Chinatown / Soho / Brooklyn (Around my area) USA Shipping = Normal PayPal payment = Add $3. Gift PayPal payment = Add $1. International Shipping = Normal PayPal payment with Express shipping with Tracking = $35. Gift PayPal payment with First Class shipping without tracking = $2 [Image]

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