New control scheme sounds interesting and in theory should be better/less restrictive than what it is now. Apparently the right thumbstick controls all your dribble moves and shooting is left trigger. On a side note I got around to playing My Player on 2k12 and went with a SG. Overall rating right now is a 90 off the bat. Is that shit normal? lol EDIT: Actually I think a roster update w/ the Dwight Howard trade I downloaded did that + some other weird shit.

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anyone have any battery issues or stuttering? read some reports so im still hesitant on upgrading.

Replied in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, 2 Weeks ago in Tech so this answers that question lol. I don't really give a shit, as long as the music is good

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Caught the fight and stopped watching after the last round before the decision. Checked twitter and saw everyone shitting on what just happened lol. Pacman dominated the majority of the rounds. Fight definitely fixed, most likely to get more money off a rematch they had scheduled already before the fight, and fucking over the amount of people that bet on pacquiao.

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Amon is a g lol. But I don't think he could be a cyborg or have prosthetic arms or something just cause it showed him breaking through the blood bending rather than not being affected. And I guess you can expect Korra to go avatar state and fuck shit up in the finale too in the preview they showed. In any case this series has been pretty good, shit gets real every episode.

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smokemon smokeyface

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tbh im ok with this lol. not one of his best songs but in no means is it bad IMO. Maybe it'll sound better when listened to as a whole album.

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[URL] Tekken swag

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man i was pretty bummed about this. the guy was always optimistic about everything he did, even through his last words in that letter he wrote. r.i.p.

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Picked up a pair of Nep WG's on sale. Was looking for a pair to rotate with my 3sixteen and for $100 don't think I can go wrong with these. I'll try and get up pics later. Anyone familiar with what's special with the Nep denim?

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honestly that video looked like it was fun as hell to make. Jay looks like a kid.

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yeah I guess its supposed to be a hidden track. Just when you think it's over type of thing.

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illest motherfucker alive is the shitttt

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Sucks that this gets cast aside now that WTT is out. But kudos to Cole for putting something out anyways.

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[URL] k nvm deluxe is up on here. downloading now

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