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A combination of both. The ideal size for most girls is 6-7.5. But girth is more important judging by the responses i get from girls. Girth stretches to pussy which hits more nerves.

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Asian work ethnic motivates me even more to get rich so i can buy my kids things i couldn't get when i was young.

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Not horrifying but weird. I remember back when i first started browsing the internet, i used search random things on google. There was a conspiracy forum and all of the posts/threads were by the same person. The bodybuilding forums found her facebook and it turns out she got sent to a mental institution. [Image] Shit was weird and spooky.

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Is it a NYC thing now? [Image]

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Here's a couple of pictures of the sorority girls of ASU from the 06-09 era. [Image].

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At the end of the day people of every race stick to their own.

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One of the daughters from The Housewives of Orange County had dat ass. [Image]

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This picture sums up the misc. [Image]

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Very undefined. I'm still trying to figure out who i am.

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Unreal. [Embed content]

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What exactly are you doing in Australia?

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Unless you're living in some cheap boring state i fail to see the problem with this. Times is hard out there, especially when you live in world class cities such as Miami,LA and NYC. I rather stay home with my parents, get myself stabilized financially and then leave. I noticed that America is the only country where adulthood is a big deal. In most asian cultures, living with your parents/siblings is the norm.

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If you didn't pussy in high school you're not going to get any in college. There seems to be this big misconception that going to a big party school grants you automatic puss. That shit is false, stop watching those early 2000 American Pie flicks. When people say it's simple to get laid in college they mean the girls put out easier because they know this is their last time being in a huge social environment. You still need game to pull girls and get them back into your room. Girls aren't going to go up to you begging for the D. I had that mindset when i first started, only to realize that college is similar to HS.

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