interested in that blackscale white B logo fitted for 35 shipped...

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im interested in your black with white B logo, blackscale fitted

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i would like the black scale fitted... 7 3/8?

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khaki slacks and a red tshirt...

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omg aren't those the Salunga twins... someone post up their ZA ZA ZA video. It will shut this sht down

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coffee cake dipped in tall white chocolate mocha with extra pumps tall green tea frap tall java chip venti water LOL

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[Quote] i lol'd then i serious'd photoshoot=anywhere but downtown

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can anyone post a photo taken w/ the 35mm f/1.8 lens

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any1 watch religulous

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step bros was pretty under-rated... boats and hos!!!!

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mischa barton - love & delirious(i watched it while i was in h.s. so she wasn't jailbait), Cate Blanchett - benjamin button(when she looked 20ish =P), Emma Watson, Kat Dennings, and AMELIE!!!!!!!

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SMH I hate it when hb starts threads like this... Yall hopped on the wagon I've had a crush on her since book 1!!!!!

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Recently got into anime. Finished Samurai Champloo in 3 nights... NUJABES FTW!!!! About to start cowboy bebop

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I am Sam Benjamin Button UP Saving Private Ryan Changeling and BRUNO (it's great knowing a manager from century =P)

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