The song is called "Smile for me", if yall know anyone going through it, pass it on! thanks!  [Embed content]

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[Embed content] [URL] in 2014 i had a pretty good year as far as musically and went through some things in that process, i'd like to share this with any upcoming artist and just remind you guys to have fun with it. If you're going to be in it for money then you're in for a big disappointment, the journey is a reward in itself, enjoy and i hope you guys pick up something from this.

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[URL] did a song about wanting to start fresh with a clean slate and most of us wish we could go back in time and avoid certain situations. Most of the new album is blueprint like production with the soulful sound, hope you guys enjoy this!

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[URL] Did a little something different, did a song about drunk driving from the first person view, thought i'd get creative with it! enjoy everyone!

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serious question, what was your reaction to it and did you forgive her afterwards??

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[URL] i got the waka flocka show coming out and i hardly do any songs with trappish beats, just wanted to know if i should do this one...

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[URL] check it out guys, just released a new song from my upcoming album "The fear of success". The song is basically relatable to those that have gone through this scenario.. hopefully some of yall feel this, thanks everyone!

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[URL] Did this song called "You Will Remember" which is about doing so much for an ex then they realize it too late, thought it would appeal to a lot of people if i put money behind it, what do you guys think?

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you've been working so hard on getting far in life and there's this huge opportunity for you to have it all. Your girl is being a b*tch and doesn't want you to follow through, yet you guys have been together for a long time and all these feelings are strong with each other, what do you do?

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Did a song based on a true story, hope you guys enjoy this, thanks! [URL] [Embed content]

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[URL] <--- Just wanted to let everyone know of my little accomplishment, my video "This is for my haters" just made it to one of the biggest hip hop blog sites!! Ya boy did it!! [Image]

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Here it is!!! Episode 4 of C-Styles Reality!!! This is the last one that takes place in Austin!! Make sure you watch till after the end as it previews episode 5 which involves someone from my past that comes back to my life! [Embed content] [URL]

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It's been an issue even more lately, a girl i was dating pursued my ass, did everything to get me and then all of a sudden she goes back with her ex out of nowhere! lol I mean is this some common type of bull that happens to some of y'all?

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[URL] This is the new single from my upcoming album "Late Bloomer 2" which i'll be shooting a vid for this week!! My boy Frankie Wylde came through on the production tip with this one, has that trap sound, check it out and download it as well! thanks guys!!

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So after much popular demand, i'm bringing back my reality show this time with new faces on there , I know some of you guys enjoyed it to the point of following each episode and some of yall hated it (we know) but nonetheless here's a preview of whats to come, enjoy yall! (no, no porn tapes either) [URL] [Embed content]

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