Seems that as a vast majority of HB is reaching that age of freedom and responsibility, jobs are something that many are pursuing and trying to find. I'm sure many have question they'd like to have answered, questions the more experienced and older users can probably answer. Let this thread be a central hub for those seeking such knowledge. How to even actually LAND a job? Like fuck, been applying like crazy to retail spots. Urban, Vans, Zumiez, Gap, etc etc, and all I get are "we'll hold onto your application thanks!" and never receive any callbacks. amidoingitrite?

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Are there any online art marketplaces where fellow artists share, contribute, and of course, sell art? Sorta like Etsy, but Etsy sees more arts&crafts/fashion orientated. blushing

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Must. Cop. [Image]

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cant find any good shows around!!!! fuuuuuuhh gimme some ideas fellow bretherns :/

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I just cant seem anything exciting or relaxing to do in LA anymore. The Grove, Hollywood/Highland, Downtown, Santa Moica/Venice, museums, theme parks, etc etc. are all boring now. Aren't there any there other nice places to go in LA with friends, take a date, etc etc?Life just seems boring here now :/

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The truth about religion is that there is none.

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I appreciate how the mods take time to capitlize my thread titles. Good lookin' out, droogies.

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if in the CA area, I'd reccomend checking out CalArts. They seem to have quite a promising Theatre program.

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oh, correcto-mundo. My mistake. It's in the AM here, too late to function!

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True, one can't help but distinguish at least some traits between the two. But in the end, it's all about being immersed into the raw emotion and feel what the characters feel; to bask in the moments. And comedy, my dear friend, is a wonderful thing to be immeresed in :]

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Any Bhuddists here? Really thinking about practicing Bhuddism, but I'd like some insight from like-aged peers. Discuss?

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[Quote] True. Comedy is paralell to Drama, or any other character for that matter. You must inhabit it before you can live it.

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Money can absolutely bring happiness. Happiness is an emotion that expresses a burst of joy, excitement, relief, and euphoric sensations. I would most definitely be happer if someone handed me $10,000, than I was just a moment before that happened.

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I respect your opinion, but as a Drama student, I--as well as my entire class--can agree that Keanu is a one-note guy who ultimately could not handle his role. A very-well written movie, no doubt; the film revolutionized the film art form in terms of commercial/mainstream aspects. Keanu though, right at the beginning of the second movie, started to fall off. A very static character, showing little to no change. It appears as if he has tried too hard to play his character, i.e, too serious. While it may have been his intention to do so, it'd didn't compliment the film quite as well. An actor's job is not to be good at lying, but to be very good at telling the truth.

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Truth is, as most things are in existance, a theory. No one definitely knows for sure what the turth is. A bit too abstract when you think about it, but a fabricated lie can live on to be "sewn in" as a truth into modern knowledge. Take history books as example. The Bible was edited around 13 times--maybe even more--who's to say what's in there was originally there in the first place? Not attacking religion, just for sake of discussion.

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