Brooklyn based rapper I found out about the other night. Check out his stuff. He put out two tapes already and about to release a 3rd one this month. [Embed content]

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I know it's old but did anyone ever get the chance to watch the 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN. I just downloaded all them since I saw a couple when they were on tv and wanted to watch all them. Anyways some of my fav were the pablo escobar one, the one on the U, and Winning time (when reggie miller shit on the knicks). I want to watch all them so let me know which one you guys thought were dope p.s. i didn't know to put this thread in sports or movies, tv, entertainment but it's all the same.

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[URL] Guy is funnyyyy! lol

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So I was on the subway today having an argument with a friend about Nas Illmatic and how it would it been better if Nas went to college. So HP any comments on this?

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