Can anybody give a ballpark figure for pricing on a 2-year contract??

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No Man Should...... -Ever harp another man's swag. Get off that *****z fuckin nuts!

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Im a broke ass college student and my parents dont give a fuck about me.

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Morehouse major.

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[Quote] Info on Kanye not shaving?? How many days you think that beard is at? How many washes/soaks?

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The first one was great. I look forward to seeing the second. Does this one just go into more detail about the Godmother or is there other shit it talks about?

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Real tough choice. JacoBUH prolly got the best style on the forum (IMHO). Leumas...dope, but I've seen some better shit from you. Kissi is the most consistent with his shit but im not a big fan of the CDP IVs. I gotta go with Medic's get up, cuz the True Blue are beyond excellent and i like the way his shit is put together. Great battle ive seen in a minute.

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yea theres a H&M down here but no Uniqlo. Whats monday raws or H&M Sliq??

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Best raw for under $50?? Ive got STF but I bought them bigger than i wanted cuz they were my first pair, and i didnt know how bulky they were. I want something slim but long in length for stacks. Any help?

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Sup god?? Peace to all my brothaz thats on tha run.

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If your shopping on a bargain, Levi's 520 are skinny in the calves to slouch, but regular fit in the waist area. They dont look weird if u sag em right. fades are similar to lvc '47 501s. $50 urban outfitters...

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Has anybody ever been so high that they started having bad Deja Vu? I swear the other night I was forecasting every move i did like a minute b4 I did it (if that makes sense). I knew everything that was about to happen to me b4 it happen. Shit was crazy.

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HB Stoner Meet Up: Coming Soon...... We should just meet at a park one day in July and just smoke out

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Lets discuss the meet up in the ATL thread

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[Quote] Im incoming but ive lived in ATL my whole life. I wish i was in GA to take some of that off you, but if you still have any in 2 weeks, holla at me.

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