so i was watching pawn stars... and for a while i thought that that fat fucker had to either post or lurk on here since id seen him wearing supreme, iron heart, and buzz rickson. so i wasnt suprised when i saw him reading the hypebeast front page on the show. so chum, if you see this, tell your boss hes a fucking idiot for spending over 300 for a early 70s levis jacket, that he thought was from the 1930s, that is worth less than 100.

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i know you got racks on racks on racks, underneath a pile of rollies, in the trunk of both of your maybachs. hook up some black 5s B.

Started by ay, RONNEL, lemme get some money son, i need a new pair of black jordan 5s, 2 Weeks ago in Jordan

post the worst shit you can find. this is for fits only... if you start flaming people for being ugly or fat or pinoy, this thread will probably be deleted. also, only fits that were posted on this site please. ill start. [Image]

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but you can demod him. but, since i am a man of the people, i have no problems giving up my power. i will continue to fight hypebeast rights abuses in whatever form i see fit.

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what are your favorites?

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You already know. >smh

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heres my list: 1. gravediggaz 2. Odd Future 3. umm... tyler the creator 4. uhhh.... wolf haley 5. 2011 members

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that shit is disgusting after 6 months. i wash mine at least once a month, more if they need it, and my shit always looks and smells good.

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since the runaway success of my last line, cmf homme, ive taken a break from fashion to skate, shoot photographs, and be cool as fuck. now, its tim for me to take over again. introducing, SUPEREME first off, this is not streetwear. streetwear sucks. this is a line of tees, jeans, and cheaply made outerwear that is inspred by mid 2000s NYC skate shop branded clothing. SUPEREME LIFE!

Started by the best shit youll ever see. my newest endevor, SUPEREME, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

so, blue in green finally got around to making thier own jeans. these are not a co-branded product, or made by another brand, but BiG is working directly with a factory in Japan to get these made. being a fan of the store, and Gordon, the man behind it all, once i saw them i decided that i had to have them. first impressions... these jeans are fucking awesome!!!! ive never seen jeans lose this much indigo in a hot soak, and then be so dark after. details are great... love the two tone stitching, plain rivets, and donut buttons. fit is almost perfect, tho i think they could use about another half inch on the back rise. did i say these are fucking awesome?!?!?! fit pics: [Image]

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after getting into dubstep, i remembered how much i like drum n bass... mostly the good looking records sound and early ragga jungle... amen breaks and all that. anyone else? [URL]

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i do. i like them. for realz.

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please feel free to add the things YOU have learned. 1. photoshopping your hairline will make you efamous 2. dont post naked pictures of yourself and your tiny penis anywhere online or you will disappear like neek 3. kickapop wants to fuck little girls 4. gucci dont go on sale 5. thank me later is the new 6. elk leather lifestyle 7. VINTAGE

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[URL] so fuck yall

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did we try this once? ok, you know how this works... post pics of the worst fits and then we can all talk shit and laugh

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