Pretty self explanatory. Which brand blogs do you enjoy the most? I personally like Benny Gold's. He documents his company so well that even though I live across the country, I feel like I've been able to watch the guy's brand grow like I was there.

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Closed the survey. The results will be up in a day or so.

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[Quote] Perfectly said. Your definitely right though about those brands on the come up, well except for Dertbag, he had access to the OF fame catapult. At what point would you say a brand becomes established/legitimate?

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Thank you to everyone that has given their input on the questionnaire! So far there is about half of the amount of responses needed (24) to get an accurate measurement, so if you haven't filled it out please do. So far the different perspectives people have about streetwear are pretty interesting.

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brands do make a name for themselves out of organic growth, almost all businesses in general do. But what I'm getting at more is when The Hundreds, ssur, undefeated, bape, anything etc. got started, streetwear was this relatively new thing that only a few people knew about, which was really the entire appeal of it. It was something different that some people knew about, but was still sub-cultural. Now, what we think of as streetwear could be considered mainstream style and consequentially one that has lost a lot it's uniqueness. Early on, you didn't have to have a quality, original, authentic brand. As long as you had some edgy t-shirt graphics, you could sell and build from there. Today, people don't buy into that stuff anymore because it's been used over and over. In my opinion, they don't care about small brands anymore. And as a result you have this weird in between period in a culture (like right now) where the customer is there from before, waiting for something equally as sick, but doesn't care to invest time and a little money in a young company starting out because they are literally all still just shittier versions of the brands who made it 10 years ago.

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[Quote] Sure, I figure it'll be helpful for a lot of young brands and people starting brands. It's a new type of customer today. streetwear consumers are WAY more discerning and value conscious (actual and perceived) than they were then. People read stories about how The Hundreds got started and think it still happens like that today.

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Thanks for the responses so far!

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So after being involved in streetwear for the better half of a decade, I've seen the landscape of the industry shift dramatically. So I created a questionnaire to gauge what everyone on this forum thinks about streetwear compared to what I thought about streetwear when I first got into it. This isn't for a brand or company, just my personal curiosity. It's a short 10 question questionnaire and if anyone wants to see the results when I'm done analyzing them I'll share. HERE IS THE QUESTIONNAIRE

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being cooler than your friends.

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It was a good run, but I've decided to close up Wooder Supply. I definitely tried to introduce something different to the t-shirt game, a style that my customers and I believed in and are still really stoked on. Unfortunately running a t-shirt business costs a lot of money and when your in college, even with a job, money is tight. I put up the tees for $5. All of them have some seriously awesome artwork by Joshua Kemble. [Image] If you have the impulse, definitely grab some tees. The art needs to be worn. Wooder Supply Wooder Supply Wooder Supply Thanks Tyler

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The GTA lookbook was neat, but the brand's obvious "cryptic" overtone is a little off putting. I get the whole mysterious concept, but there's nothing about the brand that hooks me in and makes me want to explore the concept.

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So this is for all HB members that are in college, I'm looking for different sports sayings that are unique to your school, like popular phrases that people say on game days, on campus or at tailgates, etc. It's for a school project on sports communication and this would help immensely! Plus I'm interested as to what school has the best ones.

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Do you actually even have an idea for a venture? Or are you looking at this business as a cash grab like everyone else recently? If you knew ANYTHING about "the sneaker game" you wouldn't have to make posts like this, because you would already have an idea of where YOU think innovation needs to happen. This is a really sad attempt at market research.

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Black, Gum and Bang (props to whoever remembers that)

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