You guys are pretty self concious, if you think eating alone is weird. Theres nothing wrong with eating in public, I mean when I was new to this high school I actually had to sit alone for about 2 weeks, it was really weird and I did feel self concious, and that everyone was staring/ making comments, but in my opinion im not a bad looking guy and I dress nice, so I always shrugged them off. then people started sitting with me, with those 2 weeks I got really used to it, I guess it broke the habit/thought process. But alot of times, if you look at it, when someones sitting at a table, and the person before the last gets up, the other person always follows suit, even if they have a tray full of food. But in short, yeah I will eat in public, if im hungry and wanna chill, I usually sit down, grab a bite to eat, and mess with my Cellphone. That keeps me busy, to not be distracted by whats around me.

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if you're below a 30" Waist you need to allocate less money into clothes and more money into FOOD

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i always put my wallet in my back pocket and phone in right so I have ready access if someone calls or text

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What Cell Phone Do You Use Official Discussion Thread I use the hd 2, its so freaking awesome especially with swype.I had just recently sold my n900 by nokia. I probably wont be changing phones for a while I'm pretty comfy at the moment, infact im writing this from it. what cell phone do you use and are you happy with it?

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Sometimes When im alone on the computer, I laugh out loud and talk to myself alot...

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In the summer I steal my dads riding mower to cut grass, and get a summer job via school, Fall I steal my dads leaf blower to blow leaves, winter I usually steal his shovel so i can clear driveways and poarches. basically all my income is from stealing from my dad.

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i cant get past 20 either

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book of eli

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just go up a inseam. if you wear a .. for example... 32 x 32.. get 32 x 34 so they have a lower rise.

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sucks i can't even post a image, but What was trey songz wearing at the 2010 awards

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Thats some nice denim

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Hey hey, Im trying to find some good "Destroyed" denim, mainly im a medium or light medium wash. heres a good idea (insert www) . html I want some like those, but with a much lower rise, preferibly slim fit with about a 15-16" Leg opening. ive been dieing to get some. Something like what trey songz wore to the 2010 hiphop awards. As for the price range.. please keep it below 100$. thanks!

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I like RAdii

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