This has to be one of the worst karate kid rip off movies of the 80's. This movie is the best at unintentional comedy with a horrible acting all around a black kid that looks like a reject from the Jackson five. A sloppy fat guy and some of the worst acting and dialogue you have ever heard the movie is so bad it's funny. Tho the acting is horrible and the storyline is terrible the fight choreography and fight scenes is not that bad. The name of the movie [B]No Retreat, No Surrender[/B] [URL]

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Is this what we have come to in this country for a prank and there's really assholes out there that believe this kid need to do the time or get counseling. FOR A PRANK! a blow up down in the girls bath room is funny every time I hear it I wish I had thought of it for my senior prank. [URL]

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There this dude called [B]Phoenix Jones[/B] that dress up like a super hero and fights crime I hope this dude don't get shot one day. And of course I spelled Phoenix wrong in the title I can't help it I'm a dumb ass I blame public schooling. [URL]

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This is so dissapointing I thought Katy Perry was hot until I saw this pic. What every chick entertainment looks this ugly without makeup on? [URL]

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[URL] [B][B]I have been waiting on this fight for years probably the best two strikers in the UFC.[/B][/B]

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Click on the link.[URL]

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