So I was just at a concert and in the middle went to get osme water becuase it was fucking hot and a guard pulls me and says I look suspicous for having red eyes they called the cops and suggested i be evicted didnt even get to enjoy the concert I payed for fuck these venues that do that shit. It was the space migration tour saw vince, chance, and the internet, iddnt see Mac or tyler perform OK with him fuck em.

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I thought this would be an interesting thread pick one musician to be the president and lead our country or whatever country you live in any artist any genre.

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I may be young and learning but I will leave an indent on this industry lyrics

Started by Steezy - ChadAttack, 2 Weeks ago in Music This kid is in my rap/skate collective LSOM (Legit.State.Of.Mind) check out his new song he produced and mixed it on his own check it.

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\Disregard this shit fuck it.

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Jay'z's Baby Kanye's Baby Wiz Khalifa's Baby  Hodgy Beat's Baby

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Alright I used to fucking love this show it was cool as fuck! Andre 3,000 had this cartoon show got me into piano as a kid trying to find them to show ot my little brother tv now sucks I walked by his tv and some live reality t shit fuck that cartton network your falling off Adventure Time and Regular Show is all thats saving you. anybody have a torrent or now where i can watch this online.

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[Image] I found some skate griptape and put the title and my rap name on some chalk font that it would be something creative idk.

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So this guy wants to trade my xbox (some fuck ass nigga stole the hardrive) and a pair of sony xb500 for this camera I dont know shit about video production or editing but might give it a shot idk wether to do it or not.

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