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Check on this site please [URL] found some dumb cheap janoskis and really want to cop for 50, some input ya'll  Bump

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Most Underrated Games No One Played/Talks About

Nintendo 3DS is by far the best nostalgic console out right now. Been on that Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing grind haha. Good ol childhood days.  [Image]

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That trap shiit is takin over, shoutout to my boy Flosstradamus and Bro Safari doeee.. [Embed content]

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Who would you put your money on?

Raw D boiiii, them APC's though, can't go wrong i'm tellin ya..

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Real or Fake?? SBs

I think I've stumbled upon a website that sells fake shoes, but dammit I want to find some cheap Janoskis and these don't look too bad. Its definitely a fake website but the shoes look promising. Waay under retail price too, but idk if its worth it. You guys let me know plz. Thanks blushing [URL]

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Just wondering if these were authentic and legit?

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