Im enlisted right now. Air Force aint that bad. Especially if you dont have shit going on for you right now. My advice would be to take your time coming in and get a job closest to what you want on the outside. Money isnt everything. To be truely happy is worth much more.

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Me and my boy were havin a drunken conversation this weekend about girlfriends and shit. The question is, 1. I asking a chick to be your girlfriend oldschool? If yes 2. how do you know when a chick is your girlfriend? On both sides, not just her claimin you or vic versa.

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Never had a facebook. Myspace kept my ass in trouble and i learned from that. I travel so damn much. Everytime i meet a new chick the first damn thing they do is check if you're on fb. Maaaaaan fuck all of that. They only know what i tell em.

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Need to learn bow to save? Gotta say there is 4 devils keeping you from doing that everyday. Rap,females,facebook, youtube. Lol. Anywho. Uh. Born in alaska. Been around the world like thrice now. Born into a mil fam. And after you get away from home once, its that much easier. But i do advise visiting before you move there. Everybody and their got damn momma talks about italy........its wack. When i leave this place i never comin back. Lol. Try japan, korea, and england. Good starter countries, great places period.

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Ok this conflict i can understand. Yeah. But hey work is work. When it comes to your job its alsays gonna be do what you gotta do. Dont go too far out the box. But something i learned along time ago is do what makes you happy. With style its all about being an individual, and just wearing what you wanna wear. There is definitely a few items i wear that always will generate some kind of joke or two. But its whatever. What im in makes me happy. Because its not them i want to dress like.

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In what way would there be conflict? Me not logo shopping, but have love for the whole chlture? Hmmm. Maybe in some what ways. But i believe when this all began it wasn't about who you were wearing. It was all about how you wore it. Thats what made it so great. You had to ask someone what kind of shirt is that. But back then it was also trendy for the logos as is now. But i see that as a thing of you want people to know you paid $500 for that jacket. Dont get me wrong i love some of these pieces people create today. But it all comes back to bow you wear it. A person can take a $10 tee and make it look like $60 tee. And a person can also take $300 pair of jeans and make them look like a $30 pair. Hope i didnt blab too much on this one.

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Hmmm. I think bapes popularity downfall went something like this....rappers make hype, generates fakes, mak es an expensive brand cheap, which makes it accessible to the masses=overkill. I remember way back in the day (most of you were probably in elementary), i walked around aomori japan for hours trying to find the bape store. Few years later i went home to n.c. And you could buy some fake ass $hit for 10 bucks. That hurt my soul to be walking around town in what i felt was the flyest shit ever at the time, and to see dudes everywhere baped out. Ugh. And for those sayin that bape needs to do something new? I dont get what you guys are talking about. Baby milo t's, camo, and the bright colors are only one side of the brand. They make plenty of stuff you wouldnt have the slightest clue that bathing ape made it.

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Well to answer the original question, yes i do feel that way. When i was younger it was usually brand this and brand that. But now getting older, it goes more in this order- 1. What looks good 2. Quality 3. Price. Brand doesnt even play a part anymore. Yes there is still some brands i am sadly dedicated to, but im not gonna buy it just its by john doe and co. I will just check their collection first if i need a particular item. And then again its only because i know it looks good, good quality and the price is right for me. Hope this makes sense.

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