Missed out on it due to a credit card error. Looking for it in any color other than navy or blue.

Started by [WTB] Supreme Roses Jersey L, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Looking for Jordan Iv oreos sizes from 10-11, please let me know if your interested in selling.

Started by [WTB] Jordan IV Oreo's 10-11, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

Looking for this one specifically [Image] But interested in others aswell.

Started by [WTB] North Face Purple Label Messanger, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Looking for a reasonable priced supreme waist/shoulder bag. Hit me up if you have one. I would also be open to other brands.

Started by [WTB] Supreme Waist/Shoulder bag, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

After the last meetup..... Chicago needs another one, one that is better planned. I know Citizen will be returning soon and wants to get one organized. Basically I think we need a date and plan from there. The amount of cool shit that goes on in Chicago on a given Saturday is endless. That kind of shit needs to be attended at the next meetup. BTW, nothing wrong with Wendy's

Started by Chicago's Next Meetup, 2 Weeks ago in United States

Has anyone done it? My mom really wants me to go on one and it seems cool. I know im probably never going to be able to got to some of the locations they take you too so I plan on doing it. Just wondering what peoples thoughts on it are and if anyone else has gone on one?

Started by People To People, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

I'm helping out a friend and i need to know how to consolidate the zune library into one place on an external harddrive. Any help?

Started by Zune Player, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Is there any where to get it for free?

Started by Futura Font, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Looking for someone to possibly pick up the Bape monkey carpet for me. And what the price is.

Started by Bape Pickup?, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Here on vacation, went into L.A yesterday, but dont plan on driving back again. Any good shops here or in the general area?

Started by Huntington Beach, CA, 2 Weeks ago in United States

I cant get this bitch to load on my computer, the stupid circle thing just keeps spinning. Any idea why or solutions to the problem.

Started by Flight Club Problems, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

What is your favorite kind. you cant beat good pie.

Started by Pie, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

http://www.hypebeast.com/2007/10/bape-2007-autumn-winter-collection/gallery?page=4 anyone know how much these cost or where they'll be dropping. I anyone wants to do a pickup that be great.

Started by Bape Beanie, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

I was in a local shop today and saw these [Image] http://purchaze.com/nike-air-max-90-dark-cinder.html they didn't have my size and were going for 100, not 180 like the site. anyone know another place to pick them up?

Started by Help finding these, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

Untitled in chicago. Its a store. I need there email, they dont have a working site so if anyone has one for them post it.

Started by Any One got a Untitled email adress?, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion